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All about packaging industry

When dealing with materials or finished products of a delicate nature, extremely specialized packaging must be used. This packaging may have attributes which lend themselves well to being labeled anti-corrosion packaging. Here is a bit more information on this very unique form of packaging protection.

This particular type of packaging is created using two different forms of technology. The first technology is referred to as Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors, or VCI for short. It uses a polyolefin base in conjunction with corrosion inhibitors and low-density resins made from Polyethylene. The inhibitors are manufactured in pellet form which are then blended with the resin. After this process is complete, the vapors form a layer of protection upon the metal which keeps it safe from corrosion.

The second technology is known as Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, or VpCI for short. This technique creates a layer on the molecular level which is chemically absorbed by the components or by the products themselves. This is a great boon as the protection works on all parts of the components, even in crevices. The packaging can actually replenish itself and is good for up to 24 months of protection, even after repeated opening and closing of the container.

This type of packaging can come in many forms including tubes, bags, sheets, film, covers, and liners. The packaging has been proven safe for both the environment and for the user as well. It eliminates the need for any type of desiccant. In addition to these benefits, users can also relish the fact that there is very little labor involved for installation, which is a huge savings to the bottom line of any company. Also, the same type of packaging can be used to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. This eliminates the need to switch between two or more types of packaging to perform the same task.

This type of packaging is great for industries involved in having to ship or store circuit boards, aerospace parts, or any similar parts that contain sensitive materials which are prone to damage from corrosion. Look into what your options are today.

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