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Firefox 64-bit – what’s new?

Mozilla has released the first 64-bit version of the popular browser Firefox. Google has long realized the 64-bit architecture in the browser Chrome, and Microsoft has implemented it...
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Gadget, Tech News

XANDEM, control rooms without cameras

Project XANDEM collects funds for innovative system of protection. Control of access to it is carried out without the use of cameras, but it leaves no blind spots...
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Asian Supercomputer Revolution

Traditionally in November updated list of most powerful supercomputers in the world. The sixth time in a row was the leader of the Chinese Tianhe-2 monster, built...
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10 terabytes in one bottle with helium

Western Digital will start deliveries of hard disk drives 10 TB volume. In addition to the record they have capacity and other features. The housing is completely sealed...
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The 8 best wireless hard drives

Cables can become very uncomfortable, so we make our list of the 8 best wireless storage products. Know all the details below. Christmas is coming and...
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Hardware Review, Tech News
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5 Tips SEO for Google Local

As you know every time it is used more and more Google Local, also called Google Places, and therefore for many businesses with a particular...
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