In recent times Twitter you have spent a few bad things, at least bad for your line of business. The social network has seen was advanced by some of its competitors who came after them to market. Instagram, in fact, forward them a few months ago in numbers of active users and Twitter has started to have to compete fiercely with each other and with other ‘youngsters’ social networks, such as the case of Snapchat. Analysts have begun to wonder what the future of Twitter and what the company can do (or not) in the future. Are you going to become a niche social network? Is it better that advertisers pull other way?

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To this must be added that the firm has carried out various organizational changes, has explored different possibilities for different service that generated complaints rather than expectations of improvement and has presented results not very good financial. Its financial results did not meet expectations and optimism is not all they should be. As he recognized by the company itself in presenting them: “Advertisers spending did not increase as fast as expected in the first quarter.”

Twitter has therefore to find her key to connect with the industry and must be able to position an attractive way for brands. You need to become one of the leading protagonists of their marketing budgets, especially now that mobile and social are becoming major engines ad spending. The brands spend more money than ever in mobile environments and social networks, but players of those markets have to be able to find how to become a part of the cake that takes. Facebook is one of the winning horses, but other players also want to be.

In the last presentation of results, Twitter accepted that its video strategy was not the best. Video ads were cannibalizing other social network ads and also were responsible for the decline in the price of advertising content, a situation that is not expected. To begin with, video advertising is still, in general, much more expensive. To continue, social networks are betting on it as a new way to create more ad formats, not as an alternative to existing ones.

But in reality the problem is not just what Twitter is doing with those ads, but the scenario is much more complex and will have to make Twitter rearrange what you are doing in the field of video to be more competitive. Nevertheless, and as noted in an analysis in The Wall Street Journal, Twitter will be reoriented in its video strategy and will have to do better if you do not want to lose advertisers.

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What failing on Twitter right now? According to experts in social network advertising has spoken with the Journal, the star of Twitter advertising format is outdated. Sponsored tweets have lost appeal because advertisers now expect advertising much more immerse, interactive content and, of course, videos. That’s what makes Google and Facebook will things go better: they have managed to play that game and have been especially able to create a good setting for video advertising.

But above all, they are creating the scenario in which the videos are organically. Facebook has managed users to publish more and more video content on the social network (according to data from the company’s own published three times more videos than before) and are beginning to make a more complete video strategy.

Twitter will have to achieve on the one hand braced on the ground video and other meet what advertisers expect. That is, it has to get the platform is full of video content (expected to have contained League football, but will not arrive until September) and above all, enabling improved segmentation receptor ads and associated measurement results.

Actually, the problem is, and so says one of the voices of the industry very crude way that Twitter “is not at the forefront of the conversation video content and this is where the money is.” YouTube, Facebook or Snapchat are positioned as major forces in this area and are monopolizing the market. Twitter risk to stay out of the party.

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