Spotify has just announced its new free mobile mode. It has done it in a presentation event that is taking place in New York, where they have spoken of the importance that free users have for the company, so they have decided to update a mobile app that had been without news for four years.

Just as in recent times Spotify has been improving and updating its Premium application, the free version had been unchanged from 2014 until today. Hence, finally we have among us a new version that had been rumored for weeks, and that will offer users up to 40 hours of free music every day based on their personal tastes.

During its event, Spotify has ensured that it currently has 90 million free users, and that a large part of its current premium subscribers started with the free service modality. Hence the importance to continue betting on offering free music, and that has managed to reach agreements with the record companies to improve their offer.

Spotify has said that it is no longer just a company immersed in the music business, but that they are also in the business of musical discovery. That’s why the Radio mode we had until now disappears, they eliminate the random reproduction of songs, and the free users will be able to enjoy several personalized playlists according to their personal tastes.

Spotify Free

40 hours of free music every 24 hours

In the new free mode, users can listen to any song they want as many times as they want, as long as they appear in the new playlists. This is nothing less than the 15 most popular playlist of the service, which will offer a total of 750 songs a day. That means that the free users will have about 40 hours of music that will be renewed every 24 hours.

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Among the playlists are the Daily Mix, Weekly Discovery, News Radar and Daily Top Hits. These are some of the most popular among users, especially the first three because they are based directly on personal tastes. In addition, the playlists you can listen to them in the order you want and without any type of cut.

Spotify has also announced for free users something that has been called “assisted playlist”. It is a system of recommendations that will use all the playlists you have created, including their titles and songs, to suggest songs every time you search to add a new title to a playlist.

Finally, the streaming company has also announced a new mode of data consumption, which will make song playback consume up to 75% less data. With this feature, free users will have an alternative to downloading the payment method that allows them not to melt their monthly fee when playing music when they do not have WiFi by hand. So far they have not given details on how exactly it will work.

Spotify Free

There are also changes in the appearance of the application

All these changes will be accompanied by a redesign of the application, with a more attractive appearance. The recommended music will also be given all the importance in a new homepage, where you will be shown all the recommendations and playlists available.

The idea of ​​the company is that when a user starts Spotify, always have something new to discover on the first screen without having to navigate the application. Come on, they want to simplify the experience to the fullest.

There will also be controls to continue creating new playlist in addition to the 15 that Spotify offers, as they said without a maximum list limit. For this they will have an improved creation mode, and before adding a song to a playlist you will be able to see more details about it, know the album they belong to, or listen to them before adding it.

As for the ads of the free version, these will remain the same as you are already listening. No campaign has been canceled, they will continue to be the engine of the free mode, and the only thing the redesign will do is allow users to listen to the new fifteen personalized playlists.

The new Spotify Free experience will begin to reach users around the world in the coming weeks. The company has not announced any official date for the launch, so we will be attentive to notify you as soon as they start deploying it.

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