Cropping your video allows you to remove the unnecessary clips and only show your audience the important clips. Movavi Video Editor allows you to crop any length of video according to your needs. It is a handy tool that you can use when you want to crop a small clip in your video. You can use the cropping tool to bring to attention an area in the video. You can crop off an area of the video that contains sensitive information. If you accidentally film some extra details, you will find the cropping tool handy in removing it. The video cropping tool is also helpful for centering a lopsided video.

The cropped video can be saved in a variety of formats without any loss in the quality. You can crop the video in any way you want without experiencing any loss in the quality. Most of the video file formats are supported so you should have no problem in opening your video file.

To crop a video, you simply add the video into the timeline and open the tools tab. There are two ways to add the video that you want to crop into the timeline. The first method is to click on the Add Media Files button while the second method is to drag and drop the videos into the timeline. When the tools tab expands, you must choose the crop tool to crop video.


Once you have selected the crop tool, a resizable rectangle will appear on the video. You are todrag the rectangle frame to define the area that is to be cropped and click on the Apply button in the pop up crop dialog box. In order to eliminate the black bar, you should crop off the edges of the videos.

If your video has black bars, you can also use the crop tool in Movavi Video Editor to have them cropped off. Black bars can appear when your video has a different ratio than the settings of your project. To crop off black bars on the edges, you can go to project settings and select resize method and choose crop.

If the entire video has black bars, you must first determine the video size by right clicking the video in the timeline and select File Information. In the File Information, you will find the size of the video in width and height and aspect ratio. Next, you must go to Project Settings and select the  same frame size and aspect ratio. You can click on the OK button to apply the changes.

Besides cropping a video, you can also join two video clips that you have cropped. You can also join two different videos with a transition effect. The entire interface of Movavi Video Editor is easy to use and each of the features can be accessed in no more than 2 clicks. You can rotate and flip a video. The video clips in the timeline can be rotated in three degrees including 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The rotate feature is helpful for rotating a landscape or portrait shot.

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