I already told you that we would be bored to see this graphics card in moderately affordable computers, the Nvidia GTX 1050 allows to create decent settings that move around the 1000 dollars. Okay, it’s not a gift, but those looking for a laptop to play on, you should know that the prices are exorbitant.

The best exponent of this kind of laptop is the Dell XPS 15, with an aspect that has nothing to do with gaming laptops, and very good specifications for the price. There is the aforementioned graph of Nvidia, which supposedly should let us play at good level with titles in 1080p resolution. Acer also has something to say about it with its Aspire VX 15.

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We left it a little forgotten after the CES 2017, where it was presented, but we took the opportunity to gather the information available, and so know a product that we are sure will give you enough talk at this beginning of the year.

The grace of this Aspire is in its starting price 900 dollars. Then there will be configurations that increase that amount, but give us a good graphics associated with a 15.6-inch IPS panel with Full HD resolution, we can say that the thing gets interesting.

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This does not hide its ‘gaming’ style, here the shapes and colors – backlighting in red – are chosen to please the sector, although I still think that the same thing more discreet would have a larger audience, but they will know. The weight of the equipment is 2.5 kilos with a battery of 3 cells and 4605 mAh (6 hours of autonomy).

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Reviewing a few possible specifications, we can see that a Core i5 or i7 can be placed, both from the Kaby Lake family (HQ processors), the RAM starts at 16GB being able to be folded, and starts from 256GB in SSD format. Players will like the Ethernet port, HDMI output, or sound certified as Dolby Audio Premium. I do not forget, there is a USB-C port.

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A new category of ‘gaming’

These teams with Nvidia GTX 1050 still have a lot to prove, and we’re looking forward to beating somebody’s teeth, but what we cannot do right now is to ask the performance of a Razer Blade Pro, that’s another league.

Accompanying our protagonist I can think of two other teams that will fight in price and specifications with him: the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and the Lenovo Legion Y520. Both will play with the same GTX 1050 from NVidia, with 4GB of RAM, and similar prices.

We cannot ignore the growth or interest of the gaming market, there have been lots of laptops in recent weeks, and most importantly, the brands create departments dedicated to this: this is the case of Lenovo with Legion and Samsung with Odyssey, both with Intend to have some affordable proposals in your catalog.

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