WhatsApp is one of the most popular Android applications. Over the years it has been improving and adding much requested features. It is also true that since Facebook bought the messaging app it has become more reserved when it comes to synchronizing with third-party apps.

In fact, WhatsApp itself has performed bans on users for using unofficial applications that interfere in chat, such as applications to answer automatically or program messages. Here we bring you a collection of applications for WhatsApp with which we will get the most out of our chats but we will also take care of our privacy to avoid problems.

We have applications to search original images or messages, apps to edit our profiles, applications to send money or even to create chats with ourselves. Although the official WhatsApp application has many functions, here we leave a series of extra applications with which you will enjoy even more of one of the essential applications in any mobile.

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Search engines of GIFs for WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp used for? Basically to say nonsense and send memes. Do not deny it, we all fall at the end. If you want to find funny gifs or just have some on hand to send by WhatsApp then we recommend Whats a Gif or Gif Collection, two apps that work very similarly and are basically a search engine. We choose and share on WhatsApp, all very well integrated and fast except for some inevitable ads.

Official wallpapers

If you want to customize the background of your conversations there is no better application than WhatsApp Wallpaper that is surprisingly created by the same as the official app so we will not have any problem.


The voice memos are another method to communicate with WhatsApp lot of popularity. There are many tricks such as sending voice notes with hands-free or listening to the notes in a low voice even if we do not have headphones, but here we bring you one more. This is Transcriber, which simply consists in converting to text all the voice notes that you send us. It works very well.

Conversation forger

It is important to emphasize that this application must be used responsibly. It is a specialized version in WhatsApp to create false conversations. Something similar to what Yazzy offers us but totally focused on the popular messaging app. We will create from individual chats to groups, being able to create the diverse members and sending messages. What can it serve us for? To make jokes mainly, but very careful and forbidden to try to pass them off as true.

Draft unnecessary files

One of the problems of WhatsApp is that if we have activated the automatic download of files many photos and videos that do not interest us will be downloaded. To solve this, our recommendation is to delete it manually from the settings. If you want something faster you have apps like Cleaner for WhatsApp that will simplify the deletion of files and cache.

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BBVA Cashup, send money for WhatsApp

BBVA and ImaginBank have advanced to the WhatsApp itself and allow us through their applications to send real money to another user through WhatsApp. It is very simple although we must have an account in these banks. A task that we now need an official app but in the future will be the own WhatsApp and Facebook who offers it. Imagine the repercussion.

Easily adapt your profile picture with Whatscrop

The profile image of WhatsApp is circular but all photos are usually rectangular. If what we want is to edit them so that they fit perfectly in this way we can use Whatscrop that through a very simple interface allows us to adjust any photo to use it as an avatar of WhatsApp.

Send messages without having to add the number

WhatsApp has an official API that allows associating a link with a user. Thanks to this we have apps like Wassapeame, WhatsDirect or Open in WhatsApp where we have to insert a number and send a message or file without adding it to our contact list. In fact, this trick also allows us to send a message to ourselves and have a private chat open for us. Perfect to send us things.

WhatsApp Business

It is not an application for everyone because it is focused for companies. But WhatsApp Business is already in the testing phase and we have been able to prove it. If you have a business and want to create a channel of communication with your customers, it is worth taking a look.


These floating apps do not access our WhatsApp conversations, but they do access our notification history. Based on this and after asking us permission every time they talk to us, a bubble will appear in which we can answer directly, without needing to go to another app. Very useful when we do not want to be opening WhatsApp to give quick answers. Our recommendation is WhatsBubbles as a specialized app and Notifly as the most generic app.

Applock, block WhatsApp during the time you choose

If what we are looking for is to protect our WhatsApp conversations and that nobody can access them, it can be blocked using Block Apps, an app focused on productivity so that we do not get distracted by chatting. We can establish specific schedules where the app can not be opened. A method to give us a break to use WhatsApp and talk to everyone.

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