Computer operated machining equipment offers an improved accuracy in getting all milling work done. These pieces of equipment can still suffer from the build-up of frictional heat. There are MQl lubricant cooling products that are designed for this type of sensitive machining equipment. Below are some of the best reasons to switch to this type of cooling.

Eliminate Coolant Flooding Messes

Computerized machining equipment can be incredibly sensitive. The last thing you want is to stick with the mess that traditional flooding coolant systems deliver. Using the more conservative MQL lubricant method of cooling is cleaner and requires very little in the way of maintaining fluid. The lubricant will be applied whenever the heat from friction begins to build on the parts of the machine. There is no need to keep circulating enormous amounts of coolant liquids.

Eliminate Coolant Flooding Expense

Much like the name implies, using coolant to flood the equipment parts requires a lot of fluids. The coolant is not cheap. You have to make sure there is plenty on hand for the periodic changes. All used fluids have to be stored for safe removal and disposal.

Enjoy Higher Productivity

Consistent cooling of the machining equipment parts will allow for the safe operation for longer periods of time. MQL lubricant cooling is proven to be more effective over longer milling, cutting and drilling activities than coolants. The main reason is that a light coat of lubricant can be sprayed anytime that heat build-up is detected. It reduces the friction that is the root cause of overheating parts.

Reduce Shift Change-Over Times

Many machining operations operate more than one shift each day. Trying to get the change-over done can be a slow process with coolant flooding systems. Most of the parts will have to be cleaned of all excess fluids before the next shift can begin work.

Produce Better Results

Cleaner cuts, better drilled holes and all other milling and machining results are improved through the use of MQL lubrication cooling. The equipment is kept in better operating condition, which extends the life and usability.

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