The vinyls are living a second youth. A revival moment that is causing each time occupy more space in stores, especially by the disappearance of other physical formats before the massive arrival of proposals based on streaming audio.

And along with the increase in vinyls, record players are also increasing their presence in the market. To have a space in the stores, which the short term, would be short, have gone to hold privileged positions. Many users may think about getting a turntable or turntable and in that sense there are some aspects that may be interesting to consider.


The first point and the one for many, more determinant, is the relative to the money that we want and can spend. We have a catalog in which there are prices for all tastes and pockets. We find economic models of about 50 dollars to high performance turntables that reach 1,700 dollars.

The price is based on the sound quality they offer, the construction materials and the functions they have, so it is up to each user to choose the one that best suits their needs and economic capacity.

record player

Functions and components

In general, many of the models that we find in the market, have some extra features. It is the case of those that include a tuner of AM / FM stations or those that add a USB port to play MP3 or even convert the audio from the vinyl to digital and store it. But the key aspect is the turntable components.

An interesting example may be that we opt for an automatic or manual model. While in the first there is a mechanical calibration of the arm that causes it to be activated by pressing a button or lever, in the second we must be the ones who raise and lower the arm to start the process. These usually offer more precision to click or mix tracks.

The phonocaptora capsule is another key element. We must opt, as far as possible, for an independent head and a quality needle, because it is the part that is responsible for studying the grooves of the disc and reading the sinusoidal waves.

It is also important to know the speed it offers, because in conjunction with the size of the disc it supports, it offers different capacities. They can play LP at 33 RPM, SP at 78 RPM … which can be given on 7, 10 or 12 inch discs.

record player

Other aspects to consider are the bases, the plate and the motor. Starting with the bases, they must be soft and of low height, ideal to sustain a team that will better absorb the possible vibrations the greater its weight. In the second aspect, it would be interesting to look for a direct traction model to achieve a more uniform movement and less background noise. The equipment may be somewhat more expensive, but offers better results. The alternative is belt or pulley.

As for the engine, it is advisable that it be of direct current and direct traction, a system that facilitates a stable power supply of the equipment and therefore a better power supply.

Finally, we can find a turntable that incorporates the speakers. It is ideal if we do not want to depend on an external audio output and it does not matter to lose sound quality. In this way we can listen to the music directly from our record player. It is something that we can find in low-end or mid-range models.

record player


It may seem a minor aspect, but it becomes important if what we want is to digitize the vinyls we have at home. It is basic the presence of an RCA jack to which we can also add a headphone output on the front and another output on the back to connect another output if we want to use for example a Home Cinema.

The USB or S / PDIF port is the one indicated if what we want is to export the audio to digital format and every time it is more usual in the equipment.

A wide catalog

Based on all these factors, we can find economic models such as the 1byone, a model that for just over 55 dollars offers MP3 CD / CD player, USB 2.0 port, SD / MMC card reader and auxiliary input.

A step above we can find the DP-200 or even higher and for almost 300 dollars the Denon DP-300F. The limit is set by our pocket and if there is solvency we can always opt for models like the Cambridge Alva TT, with a price commensurate with the benefits it offers.

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