A powerful calling and SMS integration for HubSpot. It lets you easily sync data in real-time and log calls. It also provides valuable insights to help you improve your sales performance.

Keeping accurate contact records is critical for sales and support teams. But often, phone number data needs to be more precise, especially in duplicate contacts.

Real-time communication

HubSpot CRM has phone integration that makes communicating with customers and prospects easy. This system enables users to make calls from within the CRM and track call history. This gives sales and customer service a complete picture of the customer, which helps improve customer satisfaction. It also reduces the number of calls to support departments, which saves money.

Sales reps can use HubSpot phone integration to make calls directly from the CRM, so they don’t need to switch between different applications. It also enables them to add notes, put the call on hold, or transfer it. The phone app can also record and playback calls, which helps sales managers monitor their performance. It also offers call logging, which keeps track of all the customer information and notes entered into the CRM.

Some provide business cloud phone systems and SMS solutions integrated with HubSpot. It has features that help businesses connect with their customers, and it can even enable two-way text messaging to build strong relationships. Its integration with HubSpot is simple and intuitive, so teams of all sizes can easily use it.

Sales and customer service can work together using the HubSpot phone integration, enabling them to improve their collaboration. This allows them to identify and connect with hot leads, which boosts their productivity and helps them reach their quotas. The software also enables them to create automated calling and voicemail drops for their charges.

Call tracking

Call tracking is an essential part of any sales and customer service process. It ensures that all calls and conversations are logged accurately and is an invaluable tool for training and compliance purposes. With Hubspot CRM phone integration, you can track inbound and outbound calls in real-time to boost your business’s productivity. It also helps reduce data entry errors and improves the customer experience.

Call logging can be difficult for sales teams to keep up with, especially when working in the field. A centralized system can solve this problem by automating the process and making it simple for all team members. It is also essential to have a robust training program for your sales team to ensure they know how to use the software effectively.

A click-to-dial phone integration can increase sales efficiency and save your team time by allowing them to reach customers quickly. It also allows them to access important caller information, which can lead to better customer service and a faster close rate.

For example, some offer a seamless integration with HubSpot CRM and let you match existing and new contacts on both platforms, eliminating duplicates from your list. It also makes it easy to log notes and set dispositions for each deal, boosting sales productivity. Its desktop and mobile applications allow you to manage calls from anywhere, even on the go.

Caller ID

Caller ID is a valuable feature for sales and customer support teams. This feature can improve agents’ call efficiency and help them anticipate real-time customer needs. It can also help them increase the number of calls they can take and meet daily quotas. Using this tool can also enable agents to cross-sell and up-sell with confidence. It can even reduce the need for agents to message team members during calls or look up a customer’s purchase history or interactions with the company.

Without a phone integration with HubSpot, your sales and customer service teams would have to manually log their conversations in another system, which is cumbersome and time-consuming. It would also require diligent effort from your team members to log accurate data. But they will lose valuable information if they don’t do it correctly.

With a HubSpot CRM integration, your team can access an all-in-one platform that includes apps and services to put the customer at the center of your business. It can also connect with other tools like SMS to automate follow-ups and track KPIs.

The integration with HubSpot can be done in minutes or less. The app is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems. It’s automated logging and intelligent analytics can improve your team’s performance and customer experience. In addition, it provides click-to-call and automatic syncing of contacts and calls with your HubSpot account.

Call logging

When a customer calls, their information must be logged quickly and accurately. This helps you to track the customer journey and identify problems. Luckily, Hubspot CRM provides an easy way to log phone calls. It also allows you to create email sequences based on a specific logic you can define. This feature is handy for cold emailing and onboarding.

Call logging allows you to record the details of any conversation between you and your customers or prospects and notes about each call. It can help you improve your customer service strategies and increase sales opportunities by knowing the details of each interaction. It can also help you identify a customer’s pain points and address them in future conversations.

Boost your team’s productivity by automatically logging customer calls into HubSpot. This lets your reps focus on talking to potential buyers rather than manually entering call notes. Additionally, a powerful dialer can help you reach leads faster. You can even use HubSpot to send a message to a leader and set up follow-up triggers and automated SMS sequences.

Hubspot CRM integrates with many third-party apps to provide a complete sales, marketing, and support solution. These apps include Gmail, Outlook, Asana, Slack, and more. You can also create custom fields and templates to collect the needed data. In addition, it supports email marketing campaigns, website traffic tracking, and social media analytics.

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