The transition from manual tapping to the utilisation of electric tapping machines marks a significant advancement in manufacturing and industrial processes. These machines enhance the efficiency and accuracy of creating threaded holes in metal items, facilitating the seamless assembly of bolts, screws, and other threaded components.
Applications and Types

Electric tapping machines find extensive use across various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and valve manufacturing. The diversity in machine types caters to different industrial needs.

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Arm-type electric tapping machines feature a long, flexible arm with specialist attachments for rapid and precise hole tapping. Horizontal electric tapping machines offer high accuracy through a stable metal bed and limit switches, ideal for both inner and outer tapping.

CNC electric tapping machines, the pinnacle of tapping technology, employ computer-generated instructions for a myriad of tapping processes, including blind and through-hole tapping. Portable handheld electric tapping machines, powered by either batteries or a direct electric supply, are perfect for smaller projects with their ease of operation and head changeability.


The primary benefits of electric tapping machines lie in their speed, precision, strength, and user-friendliness. The ability to quickly change tapping heads adds to their versatility, making them indispensable in modern manufacturing setups. WebBuild goes into further detail on electric tapping machine benefits and how they are used.

Choosing the Right Machine

Selecting the appropriate electric tapping machine for your project is crucial. Factors such as the scale of operation, the type of material, and the precision required play significant roles in this decision. For more detailed insights, consider exploring options and recommendations of specialised providers of electric tapping machines.

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Electric tapping machines significantly contribute to the modernisation of manufacturing practices. Their introduction has revolutionised how industries approach the task of creating threaded holes, offering unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

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