Most homeowners see their front door merely as a point of entry. But with more than 75% of domestic burglars using an exterior door to get in, it’s essential to make sure yours is as secure as possible.
How solid is your door?

If your front door is old and weak, it may be time to consider an upgrade, as a door with visible security measures will be a strong deterrent to any thief considering a break-in. Old door frames can be weak due to wear and tear, making them easier to breach.

When looking to purchase a new front door, composite models, which are made of solid timber at their core but surrounded by other materials, are more durable. They are also easier to maintain because of their quality. If you are looking for composite doors Cirencester, there are many specialists such as can give you advice.

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Strong locks

The most secure locks for a front door include:

.       Mortice lock with five levers – the most common type and secure.

.       Multi-point lock system – these are built into the door and opened using a key and handle.

.       Deadbolt – safe as they can’t be forced open with a credit card or blade.

.       Night latch – These are good for improving security, but should be used alongside another lock.

The Metropolitan Police advises that homeowners should fit accredited products which are approved by insurers and tested to meet British standards.

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Extra security

A deadbolt is a good option as it can only be unlocked from the inside. A door chain is useful in making it more difficult for a burglar to force open. You could also consider metal reinforcements around locks, hinges and screws which make it more difficult to kick the door down.

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