Teaching is a rewarding career. There are always reports of teacher shortages, and as class sizes increase and more schools need to be built, there will always be a demand for quality teaching staff. These are the top reasons to pursue a career as an educator:

Progression Opportunities

The teaching profession is an excellent way to enter a variety of careers in education. This is a vast industry that has many specialisations and avenues. You can progress in the teaching profession to become a department head, a tutor, entrusted with community outreach, able to be regarded as a head teacher, an education consultant, and more. As you develop your skills and continue to improve, there is never a dull moment when it comes to teaching. Everyone wants a career that is interesting, varied and fulfilling.

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Fun Extracurricular Activities

You won’t be stuck in the classroom all day. You can share your passions with children through extracurricular activities. You may love sports, crafts, chess or foreign languages. You can share your passion for a subject with other students or encourage those who are new to the topic to try something. Attract newly qualified teachers with an inspiring website. For Primary School Websites, consider a site like www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/primary-school-websites

School Holidays

Teachers’ long summer breaks have long been envied by others. It is a great perk. Easter, Christmas, and half-terms are all included! You won’t be allowed to take leave in term time, unless you have exceptional circumstances. However, the other holidays will more than compensate for this. It also makes it easier for those teachers with children to take care of them.


It is incredibly rewarding to see a student grasp something you have explained. You can be proud of yourself when your class finally “gets” something. You have the chance to make learning fun, exciting and engaging as a teacher. You can use your imagination to encourage greater pupil interaction, or you can use lego to teach fractions, for example.

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Earn What You Want

Benefits for Newly Qualified Teachers reflect the high demand for teachers. NQTs in England and Wales can earn as much as £32k per year. This is a pretty decent salary. Teaching can provide a stable, healthy and secure monthly income for life, as well as many career advancement opportunities. A shortage of qualified teaching staff means that entering the job market now will also increase your chances of receiving a lucrative package.

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