When working from home, communication is crucial. If you are not in the office, you cannot run into your team members in the hall or run into each other in the break room, for example. To maintain effective communication while working from home, share your daily schedule and discuss any dependencies with your team. You can also share any progress you’ve made so that everyone knows what’s next. You can also use email and video conferencing to communicate with your team and this will become vital to keep everyone in the loop.

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When working from home, set up some boundaries with your personal life. Try to keep a clear delineation between work time and rest time. Avoid making personal calls in the evening, sending text messages until lunchtime, and running errands during work hours. Depending on the company, you may be able to delegate some tasks to your team members, but you’ll need to set up boundaries with your own personal life. Remember, you’ll need a strong internet connection. For advice on a Vodafone Store Near Me, visit King Communications

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If you’re working from home, share your schedule with others so that no one thinks you’re not available to respond to emails or phone calls. Many chat tools have features that allow you to update your status so that your team knows what you’re working on or whether you’re in a meeting. Having a plan in place is key to ensuring your success. Once you’ve set your goals and created a schedule, you’ll be on your way to successful remote working.

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