Piriform’s CCleaner has been one of the most widely used cleaning tools for the operating system and the PC in general for many years, and is one of the few software that should not be missing on your computer if you want to use it to the fullest!

It removes unnecessary files with speed and accuracy, corrects errors and optimizes the Windows operating system to speed up your PC and protect your privacy. It is one of the most popular PC cleaning tools out there, and for many good reasons.

Just select a hard drive to scan it and CCleaner will show how much space you can save and what changes it can make. Choose what to remove or correct, and the software will do the rest.

CCleaner also boasts a registry cleaner to remove unused entries and correct errors that could slow down your PC, as well as a secure document shredder for deleting confidential information.

The main functions of CCleaner

1) The first function is cleaning, which is found as the first item in the menu on the left and is divided into two parts, Windows and Applications.

The Windows system cleaner acts on …

  • Delete the Recycle Bin, recent documents and temporary files,
  • The log files
  • The notes and the DNS cache, error reporting, memory dumps and log files.
  • It also fixes Internet Explorer, if you still use it!

2) In the adjacent tab, Applications, we find the browser cleaner that can remove temporary Internet files, history, cookies, download history and form history.

CCleaner Review

This is also a convenient way to eliminate tracking cookies. It also deals with other programs like Thunderbird and Opera, and non-system apps like Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat and WinRAR.

You can use the function without fear, in many years of use you have never created problems.

The registry cleaner

In the menu on the left the second item is Register, this function can remove unused registry entries, file extensions, ActiveX controls, ClassIDs, progID, uninstallers, shared DLLs, characters, help files, application paths, icons and invalid shortcuts.

All rumors that tend to accumulate over time and slow down Windows and Internet browsing more and more.

These cleaning functions are particularly useful in the event of problems installing a new version of a previously installed program.

It is very easy to use, just press the Find Problems item below and after a few seconds a list of erasable items will be presented, press Repair Selected Problems to solve everything.

CCleaner will ask us if we want to save the log file before making the changes, it is better to do so, in order to have also a backup of this important file, even if I never had the need to have to restore it

Compared to other perhaps more aggressive software, CCleaner does not damage the log file or remove useful entries, so use it quietly!

CCleaner cleans the Windows registry file quickly and automatically

Other useful tools

The third tab of the menu is Tools, here we find other utilities such as:

  • The complete uninstallation of the programs without leaving traces and temporary files
  • The management of programs that start with Windows, to remove unnecessary programs that slow down the PC
  • Hard disk analysis and duplicate file search
  • System recovery
  • The reclamation drive, which can safely delete all the empty spaces of the hard disks or all the contents so that no trace remains, with up to 35 overwriting passages!!!

CCleaner Review

Strengths of the software

Each element is clearly explained and you can deselect anything you don’t want to clean up, so you don’t mistakenly remove everything you might need later. For example, CCleaner can delete usernames and passwords saved by your web browser, but only if you explicitly say so.

The frequency with which CCleaner is run is a matter of personal choice; its settings give you the possibility to run it every time your PC starts up, but you may prefer to run it manually each time instead for faster startup times.

The free version of CCleaner does not include automatic updates, so it is advisable to periodically click on “Check for updates” at the bottom right.

User experience

In theory, everything that CCleaner does can be accomplished using Windows optimization tools, the Task Manager and browser settings, but it would take some time for us to save!

The interface is clear and well designed and makes it incredibly easy to maintain a good level of PC cleanliness without having to know all the features by heart.

Comparison of free and paid versions

The features of the professional version are very interesting

There are two paid versions the Professional (which we recommend) at 12.50 adds …

  • Improved cleaning tool
  • The monitor against junk files
  • Automatic cleaning of browser browsing history

That Plus in promo at 33.25 adds:

  • An advanced defragger to improve the efficiency and durability of hard disks
  • A deleted file recovery tool
  • A tool that helps the PC upgrade

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