So far, when you wanted to squeeze the graphical power of their teams he had to go to settings that advantage graphics cards from the same manufacturer: AMD GPUs or were using combined via CrossFire, or doing it itself with NVIDIA SLI technology with dedicated cards.

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Things will change very soon thanks to DirectX 12, the new version of these libraries also offer interesting advantages in efficiency and graphic detail offer us another feature most curious: the call Explicit MultiGPU allows combining a graph of AMD with NVIDIA so that both work together in games that support this feature.

It is possible to combine AMD and NVIDIA

This latter is especially important, because although DX12 gives the option of combining graphics from NVIDIA and AMD, that ability will not take advantage of our team if the game that we are playing is not enabled that option. It is therefore the task of the developers offer compatibility MultiGPU for that mode, and for now, there is only one game to do it: ‘Ashes of the Singularity‘.

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The game has already become one of the clear references to evaluate the performance of both DX12 GPUs NVIDIA and AMD, but the Beta II of this title is already possible to use Explicit support MultiGPU. Those responsible for AnandTech already made ​​an overview of this technology a few months ago, but now get real evidence of their behavior thanks to songs like they have done in PC World.

In tests of this medium they combined a GTX 980 with an X Fury and achieved the combined power was remarkable. Maybe not as high as that achieved by combining two cards from the same manufacturer, but certainly the combination is really decent if we want (and we) have two different cards in our equipment. Undoubtedly one of the most striking features of DirectX 12, yes, we expect to see enabled in next generation games.

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