A group of cyber criminals to extort financial institutions demanding millions of euros in exchange for not attacking them with DDoS.

Recently we commented in here that a group of hackers extorted service providers email as ProtonMail, Hushmail, Runbox, VFEMail and Zoho.

Greek banks hit by bitcoin ransom demand
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This group of hackers calling itself Armed Collective and according to our sources, recently tried to extort money from some banks, demanding bitcoins worth in excess of 7 million euros.

The name of the attacked banks is not known; however, the exact amount of required digital coins would 20,000 BTC.

If banks fail to meet the payment, Navy Collective initiate a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), which would offline virtual platforms for financial institutions. Thus, users could not enter conduct their operations from the Web or from applications that connect to them.

We know that no financial institution agreed to requests, but secured and reinforced security measures. In the past, ProtonMail agreed to pay thousands of dollars to stop them from being attacked; however, they continued DDoS attack, the Navy own conduct but refused Collective blamed another group of hackers.

Source: CNBC

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