As a fan of Marvel movies, you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. The film has been well-received by critics and audiences alike. It’s rife with callbacks to past Marvel movies and will keep die-hard fans on their feet. Check out The Direct, there are many things to look forward to.

Patrick Stewart’s Professor X

After the Super Bowl trailer aired, the rumor mill exploded with speculation that Patrick Stewart would be playing Professor X. Interestingly enough, Stewart confirmed that he was playing a role in the trailer and that his character is a member of The Illuminati. Other secret society members include the Superior Iron Man, Captain Fantastic, and the Inhumans.

Sir Patrick Stewart first played Professor X in the 2000 saga of the X-Men, and he has reprised that role in Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness. Since then, Stewart has played the iconic character in five other movies. While he may be back in the role of Xavier, he’s arguably been the most popular X-Man of all time.

This is a surprising development, as Stewart claimed to have retired from the Professor X role at the end of Doctor Strange and The Multiverse. He said he would never return to that role, but this movie trailer shows he is producing. This movie is expected to debut in July 2016, and Patrick Stewart will likely reprise the role again. In the meantime, we’ll see more of his work as a Doctor.

Anson Mount’s Dr. Nicodemus West

Anson Mount’s previous role is as Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel’s Inhumans series, and his recurring role as Black Bolt in Doctor Strange and The Multiverse is a return to the MCU. Mount plays a superpowered member of the Illuminati, who also has ties to the Kree and the Eternals.

The character of Dr. Nicodemus West was introduced in the first film as a doctor who mistakenly believed that a patient was brain dead. This led to his attempt to save Stephen’s hands after he was in a car accident. In the sequel, however, Nicodemus West reappears in a different body and returns as a villain.

As the film’s villain, he aims to stop Doctor Strange from destroying the Scarlet Witch. He uses the Darkhold and dream walks into the body of his dead counterpart. As the villain, he orders Strange to bring America and Billy to the temple that Wanda has taken over. Once there, they fight in the statue’s home, where an unknowing Scarlet Witch lives. After the battle, Wanda resolves to destroy every copy of the Sanctum Sanctorum, a place where her heir was born.

Clea’s relationship with Stephen Strange

After the success of Doctor Strange, fans were eager to know what Clea’s character was about. She’s a magical other-dimensional being who has been Stephen Strange’s pupil and love interest since 1964. She’s also an ally and rival to the Sorcerer Supreme. Clea is frequently the subject of rumors and speculation, which is why the film was so well-received.

The character’s love interest, Clea, is one of the major plot arcs of Doctor Strange. Although the two are married, a normal relationship between them would not work since the characters come from different dimensions. Nonetheless, their love is so intense that Stephen’s heart breaks when Clea leaves him for a ‘truer love.’ However, this is not the first time that Stephen and Clea have been separated, as they’ve fought together many times, fought monsters, and saved the world many times.

Dr. Strange’s relationship with Dr. Nicodemus West

A similar relationship exists between Dr. Strange and Dr. Nicodemus West. The two save each other from death in an accident, and Dr. Strange’s relationship with West develops over time. While West is a gifted surgeon, he struggles to repair the nerves in Strange’s hands. Nevertheless, the two develop a strong and lasting friendship, and West is even the source of some of Strange’s superpowers.

While the first film’s setting was set in New York, “Doctor Strange” continues to explore the world of superhero comic books and their impact on society. As the newest superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Strange’s relationship with Wong is deeply rooted in their shared background as scientists. Kevin Feige directed the film, and the script was written by Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin, who had previously worked on the Amazing Spider-Man comics. The comic book’s psychedelic designs influence the film’s cinematic universe. In the second film, Nicodemus West tries to save Dr. Strange by letting Thanos snap him. It was a moment of great sadness for him and one of the movie’s most memorable moments.

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