In case you had forgotten a few months ago we were living the madness of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, where some companies took the opportunity to announce based articles that appeared in the famous movie. One was the flying skateboard Marty McFly.

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This is how we met devices, still in a preliminary phase, Lexus and Hendo, the latter being the one that has advanced with the help of financing platforms. But this is not over, because now a new player, who says that his flying skateboard is not a prototype or even longer can book arises, knowing the ArcaBoard.

ArcaBoard, skateboard you were not looking

ArcaSpace is a company dedicated to the manufacture of articles for private space companies, but today, in a surprise move, unveiled its concept of how to be a flying skateboard. The ArcaBoard is a rectangular table with 36 small fans that are able to lift a person up to 110 kilograms.

These 36 fans, powered by electric motors provide a power of 272 horsepower, proximity sensors also have a lithium polymer battery that recharges in 6 hours, besides having self-balancing technology created specifically for ArcaBoard.

It will be available in two versions, one that will support a weight of 80 kilograms and will have six minutes of autonomy (yes, really), while the other version will support up to 110 kilograms, but here the flight time is reduced to 3 minutes.

Yes, have set up a nice video to show the benefits of its new development, in fact, leaves more questions than answers.

It is unknown what the control once on board, or even if they can control, because the video is complicated this can happen, besides the design is little aerodynamic and practical.

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Even some media have already come to tear the company, noting that a possible joke is because the price to become a ArcaBoard is $19900, the site can be mentioned, location and delivery is scheduled for April 2016, but the reality is that trying to make a reservation leads to an error page, or simply cannot advance to make the reservation.

If true, it would certainly be an advanced device with interesting technology we have not seen in other devices of this kind, unfortunately, due to the lack of clarity from the company, makes us doubt more than thrill a product this kind.

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