For Some Time, Facebook Users Have Been Able To Upload 3D Photos To Their Profiles: Here’s How To Do It In 4 Simple Steps.

How To Create A 3D Photo With Facebook: Our Mini-Guide

Recently, Facebook has extended its new functionality, which allows you to take pictures in 3D and upload three-dimensional images in the user’s News Feed.

This is an innovative and engaging feature, but a warning: Facebook 3D photos to date are not compatible with company pages, except by sharing a post.

Also, when creating 3D photos for Facebook, it is necessary to use an iPhone 7 Plus or a more recent model or a smartphone with Portrait Mode.

Unfortunately, those who use Android will not be able, for the moment, to use 3D photos on their Facebook profile.

In this new post by Pop Up Magazine, we’ll help you practically make your 3D shots and upload them to Facebook.

3D Photo With Facebook

The 4 Steps To Create A 3D Photo On Facebook

Apart from these two limitations today it is really easy to create a 3D photo with Facebook.

Here are the 4 steps to take …

  • Take the picture with Portrait Mode on your iPhone 7 Plus or a higher model, leaving enough distance between you and the subject of the photo to create depth;
  • Open the Facebook application on your iPhone and look for Facebook 360 Business Page. Do You Like Me on the page;
  • Close the Facebook application and reopen it by creating a new post. Scrolling you will find the option Facebook 3D Photo;
  • Select the desired photo and publish online. In this way, you will find your photo automatically transformed into a three-dimensional picture;

Using this feature is a great way to tell your adventures in a fun and colorful way. Surely if it becomes popular, it will soon be added to the company Facebook pages.

If you want to deepen the topic, watch the video to see how to create fantastic three-dimensional post:

With this video presenting the newness of Facebook, my post on the subject ends here. If you have opinions, doubts or questions, just contact me or write a comment here and I will reply as soon as possible!

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