Twitch is a site where users watch the live game play in real-time and interact with the streamer. Like YouTube, it has video editing software that allows you to save and share your favorite moments from the game. To ensure that your content remains safe, you’ll need to delete any clips you’ve uploaded. In this article, find out how to delete clips on Twitch!

What is a Clip on Twitch?

Clips are small videos that can be watched on Twitch. A small video player pops up when you press the “Clip” button on the main viewer. You can then select a clip to watch. If you want to delete a clip, go to your account settings and select “Clip Settings.” There, under “Clip Status,” you’ll see a button that says “Delete Clip.” Click it and confirm your deletion by clicking the “Delete” button.

Reasons to Delete a Clip on Twitch

There are a few reasons to delete a clip on Twitch.

The first reason is that you may not want it to be publicly visible. If you recorded something in a public setting, like at a live event, you might not want people to see it. You can make your clips private or unlisted so that only people you invite can see them.

Another reason to delete a clip is if you made a mistake and didn’t want people to see it. If you recorded something and realized that you made a mistake, deleting the clip will protect you from embarrassment.

Finally, deleting the clip may be the best course of action if it is copyrighted or violates someone’s rights. Twitch does not tolerate copyright infringement, and removing clips that violate this policy can protect your account from possible suspension or termination.

How to Delete a Clip on Twitch

If you want to delete a clip on Twitch, there are a few different ways to go about it. First, you can use the “Clips” tab in your stream’s settings. Here, you’ll find all of your past videos and clips. Then, simply click on the one you want to delete, and select “Remove from Library.”

If you’d rather not remove the clip from your library, you can also delete it from the actual stream itself. To do this, simply open the stream’s chat window and type “/deleteclip <clip-id>.” The clip-id is the unique identifier for the clip that you can find in the “Clips” tab of your stream’s settings or the “Details” section of the stream’s main page. Once you’ve entered the clip-id, Twitch will ask you to confirm that you want to delete it.

Alternatives to Deleting Clips on Twitch

Like many Twitch users, you may have accidentally deleted a clip from your stream. However, there are a few alternatives to deleting clips that you may want to consider.

First, you can always save a clipped copy before deleting it. This way, you’ll have a backup should something happen to the original clip. Additionally, you can share the clip on social media or other means and keep people who watched it engaged. Finally, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can create a remix or mashup of the clip and share that.


If you’re ever feeling frustrated with a clip that’s been playing on Twitch for too long, or if you just want to get it off your channel for whatever reason, deleting it can be a pretty easy process.

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