When it comes to mobile top end potential users are not satisfied with the factor wow, that more or less almost all manufacturers achieve some degree with their performances, but we hope thirsty to see what those specifications beyond numbers, what and how the terminal dresses and especially in some cases, how is able to capture the world. One example is the expected HTC 10 that of all the duties that left their predecessors had to finally convince with the camera.

Expected flagship HTC we have known a few hours ago, confirming rumors that pointed to a pitch about two months after the MWC 2016. In the last edition, the HTC One M9 still had the security cable stands when your camera He began to be criticized. Will it happen the same with the HTC 10 or more convincing this time?

HTC 10
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The obligation unwritten

The phones are mobile and not cameras, not all users render it precedence above average or out victorious in situations such as indoors or at night. But as we mentioned at the beginning, a flagship is required to (as the other features) this is the best that there is in the market to go to it or, what is the same, which equals or exceeds its rivals. And this is something that HTC takes as long pending issue.

One issue that we saw when analyzing thoroughly the camera of HTC One M7, which would pass into history camera effects by the introduction of Ultrapixel. At that time we could see that it would be a bad camera or anything, was not up tothe usually the archrival to beat the iPhone (5 in this case).

Finally Ultrapixel did not work, but remained in the iteration of this terminal, the HTC One M8, which also incorporated was nothing more and nothing less than a second rear chamber. Something that was a plus but not in practice became convinced, failing at the level of detail and performance under difficult conditions.

It was in the One M9 when the Ultrapixel not passed away entirely but to the background being on the front. Something that as we said not served at the end because the camera until yesterday was the last top-end HTC also approached its rivals, in a year in which besides those of the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 highlighted, falling further away from them and putting that pimple never had just taken off with the camera.

And what we propose this time with the HTC 10? Well, neither more nor less than a return to Ultrapixel, specifically in the name of the sensor with a pixel of 1.55 microns (as large as the Nexus 6P but larger than the S7, for example, which are 1.22 microns). It is the contradictory element in this bet Koreans, providing the note of inheritance in this new terminal which, in a way, represents a renewed line stops range marked by a new design and a new nomenclature.

More than a rasp

As we said the shelling that the UltraPixel, the foundation of this feature is that larger per pixel means capturing lighter, so you should leave advantageous when it was scarce. A key point for the camera as pass the hard test that awaits both on merit as to show, if so, that this time is up, and the name of UltraPixel.

To accompany these vitaminados pixels, HTC 10 has laser focus and optical stabilization, two characteristics also begin to draw as mandatory in the top end of the leading brands and that especially in the case of the second, penalizes rather its lack especially in photos again with low light conditions (which is, for example, between iPhones 6s and 6s Plus, having only the second OIS).

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A camera that seeks to capture the attention of the most demanding users including the ability to work in RAW format, a highly sought after feature among this segment of users that not all top of the range include. And as icing, a promising maximum aperture of f / 1.8, reaching almost the f / 1.7 cameras Samsung Galaxy S7.

And if the Ultrapixel did not work out the first few times, should we expect anything different this time? Although it is too early to bet as the phone officially takes a few hours in life, those of DxOMark have already published their analysis HTC camera 10 and it has not been bad.

For the team of this website dedicated to analysis of the cameras, the rear camera with remarkable approves both photo (88/100) and video (86/100), with good execution of exposure, noise reduction, the balance white and detail, and the latter too well not addressed in previous models. The weaknesses according to their tests: loss of sharpness in the corners noticeable noise in the sky and when using the flash without other light source and light overexposure in some cases shooting outdoors.

And finally, let’s not forget the selfies. While those DxOMark not include the front camera in its analysis, the HTC 10 is shown also promising. In addition to match the rear in terms of maximum opening, it is the first mobile phone to incorporate optical stabilization in the subjective camera. In this case the pixels are 1.34 microns and video recording FullHD stays.

A well-deserved respite, this time

A HTC has long since not doing well, something that has been reflected in the balance sheet the company has been presented every quarter and we’ve done here echo each time, a while maintaining a rather pessimistic tone and the holder. That is why the eyes are still more about this company and its top end, since sales of the M9 were anything but satisfactory.

A year in which the company runs by Cher Wang has almost all the meat on the grill with virtual reality, but at all times it has been clarified that this did not mean the end of the line smartphones. We will see shortly if this renewed HTC 10 also gets rid of the ghosts of the past with respect to the camera as she finally got rid of the traditional frontal band with the logo.

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