The new MacBook Pro have had a much less hot than managers expected Apple ‘s own host. Even Phil Schiller was interviewed recently to explain some of the decisions they had taken, but that has not prevented many criticize the abandonment of various connectivity options or the defunct SD slot.

These criticisms could worsen now that has appeared already traditional analysis iFixit makes many Apple products. The gutting new MacBook Pro without Touch Bar have discovered how although there is some good news, the general rule is clear: Apple does not want goals noses on their computers. If you want to update in the future with more memory or another SSD, you’re going to be very difficult.

MacBook Pro
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If you want to repair a Mac, take it to an official store

In the past, Apple had another philosophy in this area, and their teams gave certain options when users who wished could upgrade their equipment. That such has become the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina of 2012 not one of the models that best are still sold today.

Expand the RAM or replace your hard drive for an SSD it was open to anyone, and also in a notebook we counted yet with an Ethernet connector and even with a SuperDrive. Madness.

A while now , however, Apple has been more and more limiting those options in all its products, and the new MacBook Pro are a clear demonstration of this. In the analysis of iFixit they found that these laptops are thinner and lighter, but one of the side effects of this reduction in size and weight is the loss in customization, repair capacity by users and ability to update components in the future.

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Even upgrade the SSD will be complex

The computer battery is literally attached to the chassis, something traditional in Apple devices, making it difficult to change, but also, as usual RAM is soldered directly to the motherboard of the computer, which makes it almost impossible to update this component by end users: better you keep this in mind before deciding which model of MacBook Pro want, because that RAM with which the team will arrive you can enjoy throughout the life of the device.

The SSD new MacBook Pro has a proprietary format, so it will be difficult to find parts or units that update this section if not through Apple.

Fortunately, the SSD is not soldered to the motherboard, which makes it more feasible for possible future improvement in this regard if we are interested. The only (major) problem here is the fact that the SSD format used by Apple owns, so forget to stop by some online store, buy an SSD in M.2 PCIe format and easily install, because that will not be the case.

We’ll have to go to specialty shops and vendors who market such proprietary units, which probably make it more difficult to get them … and more expensive. The only good news? At least the giant trackpad of this equipment itself can be easily removed, allowing us to replace or clean it without problems if, for example get dirty at some point.

The “index of repair ability” with which qualifies iFixit products gutting makes clear: February 1 out of 10 is a score that makes it clear that trying to fix problems in these MacBook will be especially complicated. Apple is clear that the best you can do is enjoying the team as it: if you have a problem and fix them be responsible. You look, but not touch.

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