Security is something that matters to all of us. But where it may once have meant not much more than locking the door when you went out, it now expands into many other areas of our lives, and technology has made possible some things that we couldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago.

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Monitoring systems

One of the most popular and easy to implement advances is to set up a remote monitoring system for your home or business. This can be done using low-cost technology, you may even be able to use an existing webcam – Once activated, you can view what’s going on in your home from your smartphone or computer wherever you are. It’s also a great way of monitoring pets left at home.

Smart locks

Key operated door locks are becoming rather old hat. The latest smart locks can detect a bluetooth signal from your smartphone, or a dedicated key fob, and unlock the door in a handsfree operation, so when you arrive home there’s no more need to juggle with keys and bags on your doorstep.

Body cameras

Increasingly, the police and other staff who deal with the public are being fitted with a
body worn camera from a company such as This allows the gathering of evidence from a scene as it happens. It also helps to defuse difficult situations as people are less likely to be aggressive or make spurious claims if they know that they’re being recorded.

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Biometric security

We’ve become used to using our fingerprints to unlock devices like smartphones and laptops, but biometrics are spreading to other areas too. You may soon be able to unlock your door with your fingerprint or by facial recognition technology. More sophisticated techniques such as behavioural analysis that works out how you use your computer or smartphone are likely to be used to secure access to your online bank accounts.

Home automation

In recent years home automation systems that allow you to, for example, control your heating from your smartphone have become increasingly common. These systems can also let you turn lights on and off and even close blinds and curtains. This makes them a great security tool, allowing you to make it appear your house is occupied when you’re away, without any of the predictability associated with using simple timers.

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