Businesses have a lot to worry about with technology. But with all the immediate tools and scalable resources, one thing every mid-sized and emerging company should include is a single sign-on (SSO) function for both staff as well as customers engaging with online portals.

SSO software is particularly useful for IT managers and Chief Information Officers, as it easily manages multiple points of access to a business’s network. It is also able to respond quickly when there is a problem. It’s also an incredible timesaver that can be matched to automation as well as reducing the need to provision access, in different aspects repeatedly for the same user and different resources.


Firstly, SSO is more than just a login and password. Behind the scenes, there is a specific token authorization process that takes place. As the authorized user logs in, the token exchange moves back and forth between the client node and the business network, which in turn then allows the user to access different points of the business network smoothly.

Additionally, the IT management of the business confirms the user with each interaction during the same session. When the session is closed, the token ceases and can’t be used again by someone else. It’s far more secure than a simple password that can be compromised and duped.

Customer Protection

When your customers are utilizing a business website, they want to know that their interaction is secure as well, especially when transferring files or downloading. With SSO, customers see and realize a seamless movement through a portal, and their files are only moved or transferred when their identity is confirmed. That builds a level of trust in customers and encourages their interaction with a business platform online. This is particularly important with sensitive data transfer and the protection of those files as they are being used or referenced.

SSO also protects your online interface from interaction with parties that only want to penetrate the site to hijack it and redirect assets. With SSO, the parties accessing don’t have an open door entry in. They also can’t spoof basic logins or database interactions with websites. If they don’t have the correct authorization via SSO, their access is denied automatically, and the unauthorized party never gets close to the target they are after.

Regulatory Compliance

SSO is an ideal tool for meeting privacy and user protection compliance requirements in many states and on national platforms. Not having these protections in place can expose a business to ugly penalties for exposing people’s privacy or putting their data at risk.

By utilizing a comprehensive approach to online user access, whether employees or customers, SSO provides a mid-sized business with an efficient approach to user access approval that doesn’t take rocket science but works powerfully.

Consider the above, SSO can save a whole lot of headache, even if it causes one to begin with.

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