We continue with things the Gamescom 2016, if ye have not been satisfied with the offer Lenovo and HP, here comes the turn to MSI, which brings a very powerful renewal in its notebook line for hard – nosed game. We are going to be attending the two most powerful, who are with the addition of l or last Nvidia.

That said, MSI was one of the standard-bearers of the offer Nvidia GTX 10, and the two teams will discuss are the best proof of this. They put hand to GTX1080, 1070, 1060, and there are configurations SLI in laptops, I do not think we have ever seen this much power in a portable format.

MSI notebook
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Obviously, this is intended for the most demanding players unlimited budget, but MSI does not lose camber with the theme “Virtual Reality” and places the tagline to all computers can. As for appearance, it seems that not a revolution with respect to past models, grace is in the new graphics power. Let’s get to know GT83VR Titan and GT73VR.

We will see a lot of laptops that use the new graphics Nvidia, but that employed in SLI configuration, certainly going to be less. Well that’s the novelty of the two notebooks that are of our news. We also have Intel Core i7 processors Skylake family:

  • GT83VR Titan SLI Intel Core i7-6920HQ or i7-6820HK, up to 64GB of RAM, 1080 GTX SLI or SLI 1070 GTX
  • GT73VR Titan SLI Intel Core i7-6820HK, up to 64GB of RAM, 1070 GTX SLI. In this case you can opt for a “simple” graphical both 1080 and 1070 GTX.

Laptops giant screens with 120Hz

The main difference between teams is on the screen size, the Titan SLI GT83VR IPS panel uses an 18.4 – inch, full HD resolution. This Titan is much more powerful than the model it replaces (GT80S Titan), but also has fewer frames, weighs less and is thinner. For the keyboard has chosen a mechanical system – Cherry MX – developed by the Danes of SteelSeries.

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If we go to GT73VR the lower screen until 17.3 inches, but here are two options panel that can quite interested players: either choose a 4K resolution IPS or splurged for a Full HD debuts 120Hz refreshment. There are also mechanical keyboard and a better design than previous equivalent models.

Price scare

Nvidia and we said, this is a growing market and people pay for it. Meter 10 cards in their GTX, SLI configurations, and components of the highest level will not go cheap…

  • A GT83VR Titan SLI with GTX 1080se going to $5099
  • For the 1070 GTX SLI GT73VR ask us $3600

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