By definition, home cinema should provide a flawless experience. Otherwise, why not just watch your smartphone? Poor sound, poor video, uncomfortable furniture, distractions, interruptions… all these things break the spell. Here are the vital accessories for a superb experience.

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Blackout curtains

Modern screens have fewer problems with reflections, backlight, and viewing angles than used to be the case, but when you want complete immersion in a good movie, a light-tight room still makes all the difference.

Also, choose your curtains for their sound qualities. Curtains can not only keep out traffic noise, but by suppressing sonic reflections, they can improve the audio quality too.

AV table

Furniture that will allow you to organise devices, store cables and remotes, and adjust the screen for different viewers is a fundamental requirement, but often forgotten. Toddlers want a view at their own height that still allows them to move around and do other things at the same time. An adult audience wants it higher, so they can see over heads.

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Surge protector

AV and computer equipment can be a significant investment, but it is vulnerable to power surges and other electrical issues (for a warning, see Much cheaper than claiming on warranties or insurance is a power outlet panel with good quality surge protection. Get one large enough to protect all your electronic equipment. Many also have noise filters for your sound channels and internet connection.

The remote

Good luck finding the little black buttons on the side of a giant black screen in the dark. Or do you rustle through a shoebox of remotes to find the right ones in the right order? There are many all-in-one remotes on the market, but some are more all-in-one than others. Choose one that will handle your game consoles as well as dongles and streaming services.

Some remotes can now use WiFi instead of infrared, so you can operate devices not in line of sight. With WiFi, you can also control a host of additional devices throughout your home (see home automation company,


Especially for the gamer, but also the movie buff and hi-fi aficionado, specially designed seating isn’t just self-indulgence, it protects your posture from strain too. If it happens to incorporate a cooler large enough for a few cans or a wine bottle, that will help you relax too.

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