People want to succeed and do their best in college. Isn’t that obvious? College and university study is such an important and key step in the journey of one’s life, and students will want several technological advancements to do their best in their college years. While some items and brands can cost a great deal and others are often quite inexpensive, you want to give yourself a leg up on classwork and consider buying some of the following. Besides, you don’t want to be mooching off of your friends, roommates, and family members for their tech toys. Here are some must have tech items for college students.A Tablet

You want to have an iPad or a similar product for storing your e-books for classes, reading them, taking notes, balancing schedules, keeping data, and having it all in one slim item. An iPad is great as are other brands and models that are less expensive.

An Advanced Calculator

A scientific calculator will be needed if you take certain math and science classes. While phones and tablets are on the top of lists for what students and parents want to purchase when entering college, a scientific calculator is still needed in general courses in math and science, and your phone won’t always work for the advanced calculations you’ll be doing in these classes. Yes, they are required materials on the syllabus. Don’t be without one.

A Durable Laptop

Yes, you still need one of these papers, file storage, and for downloading and enjoying music, videos, shows, websites, Netflix, and movies. Weather you are at Harvard or your local community college or away at Norwich University’s mba degree online, you will need a laptop most likely. You can go for a top of the line brand or get a used cheap one off of, but either way you need a laptop. They have yet to become obsolete even with all the new technology available on tablets and other devices.

Must Have Tech Items for College Students

A New Smartphone

You probably already have one of these unless you have been living at the bottom of a well. If you don’t already have a smartphone, and are still using an old flip phone, get one before starting college to stay up on emails and communication from professors, keep and open files and emails on your phone, take photos of notes and record lectures.  How did students live before smartphones, anyhow? You know you need one to succeed in college and later on in life, and you also will need one to help organize your social life. Just don’t forget to lock your phone before coming home or when leaving your smart phone lying around your dorm room.

A Large USB Stick

You want lots of these. On your key ring. In your pocket. In your backpacks. Yes, obvious, but many students forget to bring these to college. Transfer data on and off campus between computers, and especially for the computer lab where you will be printing your papers for those professors who still don’t accept electronic copies of work.

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