The ability to work online has changed the way that many individuals work. Many of these changes have produced positive results in the lives of individuals who have had the opportunity to take advantage of this unique work situation.

Think of individuals in the past who loved the idea of travel. They would spend most of the year at home saving money in order to spend their two or three weeks of vacation traveling around the world. These ambitious individuals are now able to live a completely different lifestyle. With the ability to work anywhere they can find an Internet connection, they can travel and work at the same time. Look at individuals who are freelance writers. They can receive a writing assignment, use transcription headsets and transcription software to prepare their articles, and then send them to the client. They can do this work from their home in the United States, or they can do it from any other country as long as they have a secure Internet connection.

This ability has given many people the opportunity to travel to interesting places. If you were to visit Central America, Southeast Asia, and many other countries, you would find a lot of people who are enjoying travel while they are also working. They may spend several hours in the morning or afternoon doing their freelancer online work. Then they will spend the rest of the day enjoying the place they are visiting. For many people, that’s really the good life.

Or think of the way that online work has changed the way that families function. Many families require that both the husband and the wife work. This may require their children being put in a day care center each day or them hiring a nanny. It doesn’t necessarily give the parents the one on one time they would like to spend with their children. However, when one or both parents are able to work from home because of the ability to work online, they have a lot more time with their kids. Of course, they still have to work from home. But just think of the time they save on travel. Maybe the parent used to spend more than an hour commuting to and from work each day. When they have the ability to work at home, now they have two extra hours that they can spend with their family.

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