The video calls have gone through several stages, we have seen as a characteristic feature of science fiction series, then reach mobile through operators, until eventually they expanded their reach into computers and smartphones thanks to dedicated applications based on a simple Internet connection.

Now appears as a surprise a company that says it wants to reinvent the concept of video calling, transforming it into a function that anyone without technical knowledge can use the push of a button or via voice ask us to communicate with someone. So Nucleus, a new company that is launching its first device with communication functions and digital assistant.

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Nucleus, which is also an intercom assistant

The first time we heard from Nucleus was at CES 2015, later that year began to receive reservations with a view to delivering the first devices during this 2016 time has finally come, as the interesting bet intercom Nucleus and it is available so far only in the United States.

The device created by Nucleus is a kind of tablet with touch screen 8 inches with are solution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which has been created specifically for video calls in a simple way without having to install anything, which is focused on supervision children, communication with older adults or create a network between rooms, in addition to its potential use as a security camera or baby monitor.

Nucleus has a 5 megapixel camera lens with wide 120 – degree angle, microphone and stereo speakers, connected via WiFi or via Ethernet cable, it comes with a system that allows it to be installed on the wall for easy access, and more interesting it is that serves as the personal assistant thanks to Alexa, Amazon’s powerful platform that continues to grow impressively.

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Alexa possibilities for this intercom grow significantly because it puts us within reach of a lot of commands and services just by using your voice, plus it is the first Alexa touchscreen device, which is a sign what can be created from the Amazon assistant opened to developers last year.

Another advantage of Nucleus is its compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones via a mobile application, allowing us to make video calls to smartphones, or be aware of home, pets or children while they are working or traveling.

As I mentioned, for the moment Nucleus it is only available in the United States, but the idea is to other countries during 2017 and launch a 7-inch version, plus today can use the device in any country not be no restrictions. Nucleus intercom is priced at $249, but since the idea is to place one in each room of the home, the price is reduced to $ 199 if we decided to buy two or more devices.

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