One of the content currently looking for more virtual reality is related to the space, where much of this material is based on existing photographs and videos adapted to this format, or computer – generated animations. But this is about to change because a company has plans to capture images direct virtual reality space and 360 degrees.

SpaceVR will be the first company in the world to launch a specifically equipped to capture images of space in virtual reality TV, this with the idea of starting a business that aims to make millions of dollars in profit and where the content and originality will be key for its success.

Satellite camera
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Overview 1, the first satellite of virtual reality

The short history of a company like SpaceVR is other curious. They started as a project in Kickstarter in 2015 pursuing a goal of $500000, in order to send to the International Space Station (ISS) a device with 12 cameras to capture 3D content and 360 degrees, a project failed and was redesigned under a goal of $100000, which managed fund.

In 2016 open this so surprising, SpaceVR received a capital investment of $1.25 million, which served so they could finally take a swim your project to capture the space for virtual reality experiences, I change project original and transformed into an integrated hub to a satellite, which would orbit the Earth independently capturing content at all times.

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The satellite has been dubbed Overview 1 and integrates two cameras at each end, and a radio system that will send the content to Earth, a control system altitude, spare wheels and gyroscopes to maintain stability, and software flight controller to indicate to the satellite record and where.

The goal of the company is to broadcast live all captured by the satellite, this with the idea of selling subscriptions for people to immerse in space and float in the wonderful views of space through a virtual reality glasses.

This is the first satellite in the world focused exclusively for virtual reality and will be put into orbit in early summer of 2017. The satellite will reach the ISS as part of a resupply mission aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule; once on the ISS, SpaceVR has engaged the services of NanoRacks, a company that runs the commercial laboratory on the ISS, who will be responsible for activating the satellite into orbit.

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