Google’s first Penguin algorithm was launched in 2012. Its purpose was to weed out websites that spam Google’s search results, preventing them from gaining high rankings as they had done formerly. Since then the algorithm has undergone two updates, with the latest – version 4.0 – having just been released.

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No More Penguin Updates

Somewhat unusually, Google has not released any information on the purpose of the latest Penguin update, other than to announce that this will be the final update for the software, as it is now operating in real time and will therefore not require further updating.

According to Search Engine Land, the new Penguin algorithm will probably take a couple of weeks to go completely live, but once it is up and running it will have a knock-on effect on pages that have formerly been penalised for spam content.

In the past, pages deemed by the algorithm to contain spam have been disabled until the next time the software was updated, which could take two years. Thanks to the new real-time technology, sites that have been penalised can quickly be made operative again, once the spam content has been appropriately dealt with.

No More Manipulating Results

The new changes mean that Google can quickly identify spamming of search engine results and act on them, making it difficult for reputation management companies to manipulate results. It means that SEO experts need to be very canny to make sure that their websites attract high rankings for appropriate content and keywords.

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As SEO becomes an increasingly specialist affair, it will become harder for the general public to attempt their own SEO, as the rules become more defined about what it acceptable and what is not. That is why business owners and managers should make sure that they employ professional SEO experts to assist them with improving page rankings.

Whether you are sourcing a top SEO agency in Dublin or Doncaster, you need to make sure that they are abreast of all the latest industry news. A good company such as will always be happy to show you results from previous satisfied customers, and provide you with quantifiable data to show that they can improve your website performance.

Search engines will continue to improve their algorithms, meaning that websites must constantly stay abreast of the latest developments.

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