Go Pokémon has been on merit summer suit, and although the fever he has begun to decline, there are still millions of users around the streets looking to make with everyone. To play it is necessary to go out in search of the Pokémon, reason why almost from the beginning has been in it a good tool to make us less sedentary.

But one thing is easier said than provide evidence, which is exactly what has been done with a study published by Eric Horvitz and his team at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington. This study provides evidence that Pokémon Go has had a dramatic impact on the levels of activity of Americans, increasing them by up to 25%.

Pokémon Go
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Where have released the data?

Horvitz’s team could not be conclusively to not being able to access the data of the game itself. Therefore, to conduct the study have had to be imaginative and obtain data from two Microsoft tools: the search engine Bing and Microsoft Band, a bracelet to monitor the activities of the wearer.

Thanks to data, Microsoft bracelet the team has been able to obtain activity data of about 30,000 users. To make the comparison and know which of them use Pokémon Go have found Bing who had searched the 454 most popular terms related to the game. The terms were related to the operation of the game or developments, as are those who are supposed to look for those who play it.

Of the 25,446 users who made their observations during searches related 4%, 1,420 of them, made experiential searches. They saw that the percentage came to be similar to 5.9% of Americans estimated that play the game, they decided that this method of using the search was enough for study.

Finally, Horvitz have analyzed the activity of each player 30 days before and 30 after leaving the game, and compared these data with a total of 50,000 random users of the Microsoft Band.

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A 26% increase in activity

For the results of the study two groups, one control walking 6,435 steps a day of media and other players who walked an average of 5,756 were made. This second group increased to an average of 7,229 daily steps his, which is 1,473 steps, 13% more than the control group.

Based on these data, the study was analyzed separately the activity of the players most searches performed on the game, the most active and interested in it. The results said that the more interested they were in the game more walking, as this group of users had an increase of 1,473 steps a day, 26% in its activity.

Researchers have also found that the increase has occurred in both men and women of all ages, regardless of their weight. This is something that until now had managed to make any other initiative to exercise.

With these numbers on the table, and taking into account the important health implications having to do a good exercise, the Microsoft Research has calculated that to continue this activity over time, Pokémon Go could add around 2.8 million additional years of life to all US players.

Currently there are no resemblance to study data at level, and not having official data Niantic numbers may vary. In addition, during the study they found that the activity of some users went down past the first few weeks of play, so it will take a longer-term study to be conclusive. More on http://artemisanet.com/

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