Going back to school always feels like a bit of a drag, but after a good long break, you should feel a bit excited to see your friends and get back to the old grind. This is especially the case if you get to treat yourself to a few new gadgets for the new school year. If you have a bit of extra spending cash, here are 5 great back-to-school gadgets you should have for college.

  1. New Smartphone

If your smartphone is a bit outdated, then you want to be sure to get a new one before you go back to school. These days, if your phone becomes obsolete, it won’t be able to run all of the newest software or apps that all of your friends will have. The hardware can’t process the new software and then you get major lag time. This means that everything that you do on your phone will take much longer and you won’t be able to keep up with everything going on at all times.

  1. Bluetooth Headphones

If you don’t already have a pair of bluetooth headphones, then you should definitely purchase one. Bluetooth headphones are the best way to listen to everything that you want without having to worry about any cords getting tangled or caught in your clothing. You can take them on and off without having to think about what to do with the cord and then you can just put them on the charger when you get home.

Great Back-to-School Gadgets You Should Have for College

  1. Hover Board

If you go to a school like Case Western Online, then you won’t have a huge campus to roam. Although, you still might want a hover board because they’re just that cool. A hover board is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get around campus. You can easily pick it up and carry it in your hands when you get to a staircase or your final destination, and you just need a little bit of core strength to get control of it, so you won’t be worn out and sweaty by the time you get to class.

  1. External Hard Drive

If you’re like most college students, then you probably have tons of music, image, and video files that are piling up on your computer. If you try to keep all of that data on your hard drive, then your processor is really going to slow down because it will be quite literally weighed down by all of the data in your storage. That’s why you want to make sure that you have an external hard drive where you can dump all of the stuff that you don’t need immediately or access frequently.

  1. Tablet

If you don’t already have some sort of tablet or iPad, then you should definitely get one before jumping into your next year of college. There’s a high likelihood that a lot of your required reading can be found online, in which case, you could do a lot of your reading on your tablet, rather than having to buy 20 different books and carry them around all over the place. A tablet is the perfect way to do all the work and studying you need for all of your classes, without having to carry a heavy laptop with you everywhere.

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