Start a blog and write articles that attract the attention of your target market, that is, the set of people who are already seeking the products or services you offer, it is certainly a good marketing idea.

Moreover, if what you write and showing it to a certain value, your readers with time can become your customers and employees.

Start a Blog
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So, where to begin? Where to start?

Today I will give you four basic suggestions:

1 – Do not fight with the technology. I personally am able to build a blog on WordPress and to create a banner or cute graphics very basic. I love this thing and I always wanted to learn how to do it. I invested so much time to be able to learn. And not a webmaster, but only a self, I’m finding that this knowledge helped me to almost nothing. Sure, I’m happy to have more knowledge and now he takes it from me anymore, but nothing more.

So my suggestion is this. You do not need to know how to do a blog, delegate building to experienced people who do it with little effort and quickly. It should not cost you much and save so much effort and so many headaches. It begins with a simple blog. As it grows, you can embellish it and invest some ‘graphics.

2 – It is the promotion of yourself! Create your own personal brand. I often see people inexperienced in network marketing and online marketing that make so much publicity company with which they collaborate and its products. I do not say that it is entirely wrong. If you want to do, great! But tries to divide these two new activities. That is, do 1 or 2 blogs where you promote yourself as an expert. It creates another separate site, for example, e-commerce, where you promote products network marketing company you work for.

3 – What do you write? Even if you’re not a great leader and a great expert in network marketing, you can always find many interesting topics. For example, ask other networkers what kind of problems faced and then write about these topics on blogs, offering solutions and suggestions. Or tip on the resources you have available. For sure your company does training courses or webinars etc. Participate carefully, takes so many notes, revises the content and then returns them as items on your blog.

4 – Give it time. Having a visible and successful blog does not happen overnight. Be consistent and always try to present as much material of value to your audience. They will love and you want well for this. Do not expect anything in return, because in the beginning you’ll have a lot of work and little response. But the results will come. Certainly there are different techniques and different software that can speed up the process. To start well prepared at least 6-10 articles that match the needs of your target market – your audience. Only when these 10 items will be visible on your blog you will begin to advertise in social media.

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