For network marketing, freelancers and sole proprietors. Network marketing is a business model that is based on relationships.

Your potential customers and employees will be more likely to buy from you or do business with you, when they feel that they can trust you, when they see you as a loyal person, responsible and when you know and feel that he likes you.

Personal Branding
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From the point of view of the creation of business alliances, this part is really important. If you are building or would like to build a part of your online business in network marketing, you need to establish a relationship with your prospects.

Actually the same thing happens in the offline world. Create your own personal brand consistent and strong, it will help to attract new prospects to you in the long term … Here are some questions and some tips that will help you build your brand online.

1. What do you want your potential employees or customers to know about you?

What makes you different from all the distributors in your company? Focused on this issue and also to think how you can convey this message to your potential business partners.

2. Buy your own domain or build a Facebook page

The best domain for personal branding is composed of your name and your surname . It can happen that the domain made ​​up of your name and your last name is already taken. At this point you have to have a little ‘imagination, but it is always advisable to always use your credentials. You could, for example, do a little research of key words and use a word or phrase that is usually sought in your business model. When you decide to open a page of Facebook, the rule remains unchanged. You need to call it with your name and your last name.

3. Find or make a nice photo of yourself

If you already have a professional photo is fine, but obviously it is not essential.What is necessary is that the picture is pretty and inspire confidence in you. Do not leave this choice to chance. There are photos that repel literally potential customers or employees. So if you have nothing or you just the holiday photos you can do a selfie. You can also ask a friend or a friend to take some photos for you. Dress well. Made a nice hairstyle and rigged (obviously this is advice for girls.

4. Think about the look of your blog or your Fanpage

Surely you’ve already heard that one picture is worth more than 1000 words.That’s right, even with regard to your personal branding. Photos or graphics can, for example, show or reveal the answer to the question: “Why does your potential customer or co-worker would have to work with you ?”. You could use a graphic that “touch the heart” and inspires visitors to your blog or your fanpage.

5. Add the contents of value

The contents of value are all that you have available on your blog or on your fanpage and that can help or they can create interest and arouse curiosity for your target market. When shopping for an update on your Facebook page, a blog post or a video on YouTube, ask yourself: “This thing will be worth for my fans and for people who follow me?” Of course, sometimes we can not to know. But if you have identified your target market well / your Audience and all your actions are in line with your brand and what you want your audience, surely you are on the right track.

6. Work with your business in mind

Even if you are creating your personal brand online, your job is to promote your business in network marketing. Are you a distributor individual company you represent. Make sure you comply with the policy that the company has chosen for those who make online promotion. Some companies are very strict, some less. It’s still a good idea to check all before, to avoid unpleasant surprises or problems later.

7. Create a blog or your Facebook page

Start a blog is definitely a good idea. A personal blog with your name and your last name as a domain is “your home online.” You are independent and no one can “hurt”. If your whole business is built around Facebook and in a few years something happens and Facebook changed the rules, with be nothing. But surely, just to start is a good idea to open a Facebook page and attract fans to you.

Your brand is more than a nice logo and a fantastic blog. It is something that distinguishes you. Something that represents you and is connected with the perception that others have of you and of your business.

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