There are many social networks, quite different. If you want to join again and you do not know, here we have the most popular.

Come thinking on social networks, one name comes to mind: Facebook. And no wonder, this has been the fastest growing social network and expansion of all time. But not everyone is equally adept or even glad of this popular social network. And the truth is there are many of them, of various kinds, for all tastes.

We will discuss some details of the most popular social networks, so you know you’ll be interested in what’s involved.


If we think about search engines, think of Google. But we know that there are many more, of many types. Same thing happens with social networks: Facebook is the big winner of the competition, that’s for sure, but not the only option.

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Facebook is suitable for those seeking contact or exposure to crowds. It is simple to use, and the truth is that it is easier to find acquaintances there, it is the most popular. It is more suitable for adolescents, young adults and modern, although it has become unfamiliar and less intimate.

On Facebook you can share not only comment but also photos, videos, songs, pictures, join groups, create events and send invitations, plan your schedule and calendar and many more applications. Remember determine the level of privacy you want for your profile.


Twitter is the social networking boom for those who like to share every detail of their lives. It is immediate and limited in content. Although you can not only make the famous automatic comments to 140 characters, but their progress today allow also post videos, photos and more. It is a very current network, ideal for those who live in constant acceleration.


Although a network of social, blogger is much more personal. It is presented as a private blog that becomes public, which you can access all persons affiliated with Google or other accounts, as determined you prefer privacy. In blogger can participate through comments to the posts of the user, and content sharing more widely and personally. Ideal for those who want to feel a little more “journalists” writing articles and notes of all kinds.

Social Networking for children and babies

Not only have large social networks. Among the many existing, there are two schools for the kids: KidMondo and LilGrams.

Kidmondo is for those who like to share the significance, rather than the constant immediate updates. It is a kind of scrapbook online (book of photographs and clippings), suitable, for example, use for recording and sharing with friends and strangers (as established privacy) the most significant moments, progress and achievements of infants and children.

Lilgrams , meanwhile, is more organized and allows you to create content and then send or share, without visiting the site or open an account for it. It also organizes the specific contents in the life of a baby in outstanding pre-established categories such as growth, feeding, speech and others.

Other social networks

The truth is that there are hundreds of social networks at your disposal : labor, artistic, technological … the list is as extensive as the imagination allows, and even some of the most bizarre . that you can not image that existed
Looking to find the yours, and is part of the global network today.

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