Applying special effects to your videos can transform their appearance – drastically in some cases. If you want you could use special effects to accentuate certain elements in your video, or to create a particular atmosphere or give it a certain feel. Suffice to say there are numerous possibilities – but first you need to be able to actually apply special effects.

Although many consider special effects to be an ‘advanced’ type of video editing, that doesn’t mean that applying them has to be difficult. At the end of the day that is down to the video editor that you’re using, and with Movavi Video Editor you’ll find it is actually extremely simple to apply special effects.

To get started and apply an effect to your video, just:

  1. Launch Movavi Video Editor and select ‘Create project in full feature mode’ in the main menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select the video that you want to edit.
  3. Open the ‘Filters’ tab on the left and browse through the various categories of effects that are available.
  4. Click on any special effect that you’re interested in and you’ll be able to see how it looks in the ‘Preview’ screen on the right.
  5. Once you have decided on a special effect, drag and drop it onto the video clip in the ‘Timeline’ below.
  6. When you’re satisfied click ‘Export’ to save your video.

It is worth noting that Movavi Video Editor will let you apply multiple special effects onto the same video clip. In other words, you could actually combine various special effects to create a unique look that really stands out.

If you want to manage your special effects and remove some of them all you need to do is click on the ‘star’ near the clip. When you do Movavi Video Editor will list the special effects on that clip and let you select and remove the ones you don’t want. Assuming you have any difficulty, a more comprehensive set of instructions can be found at

In addition to making it so easy to apply special effects to your videos, Movavi Video Editor will let you edit your video in numerous other ways. In particular you could cut and join video segments, improve the video quality, include background music, insert customizable text, add animated transitions and much more.

Between being able to add and combine special effects and the various other features of Movavi Video Editor, you should be able to truly edit your video as you desire. Just tap into your creativity, and then use the tools in the software to turn whatever ideas you have into a reality in your videos.

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