Amazon continues with its plans to conquer the world, or at least the Internet. This morning the news broke that it seems to be preparing its own mobile messaging application called Anytimeaccording to internal AFTV News sources, and although it may shock the truth is that it is not a movement that should surprise us so much.

According to this medium Amazon is already conducting several private surveys among its users to outline what they are looking for in a messaging application. Still no known release date or whether it will be an open application or a focused on its customers Prime, but with 300 million registered customers is a rather interesting move.

What we know about Anytime?

Amazon IM
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At the moment Anytime looks like an instant messaging application project and Amazon videoconferencing. AFTV News has received a couple of images about the survey that Amazon is supposed to do among its most important customers, so all the data we have starts there.

According to these images, the service would include all the basic services of an app of these characteristics, with textual chats, voice calls and video calls, as well as being able to share photos and add filters, mentions and the possibility of creating group chats.

The feature list also speaks of encrypted messages, a user name system such as Telegram for not needing phone numbers and desktop and mobile clients. Based on this information would also have a system of GIFs, the possibility of personalizing the chats with colors for texts and names and the possibility of being able to order food, make reservations, share expenses or listen to music together.

We can not forget that at the moment it is only a point filtration not confirmed by the company that could well stay in nothing. In any case, the way in which they present their functions suggests that it could be a fairly mature product, so that if it were real we should know about it in the coming months.

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Amazon wants to conquer the Internet

Amazon IM
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An Amazon messaging application can be as shocking as a free cloud storage service, a streaming video game system or a Netflix-style streaming and on-demand service, all of which are already included in Amazon Prime.

Therefore, in the event that the application was real it would not be as much a surprise as a further step in Amazon’s race to dominate the Internet before they do Google or Facebook. In fact, it is not the first to give in this direction, since with the Amazon Echo Show already included in Alexa the possibility of making voice calls or video to compete with Skype.

With all the millions of registered users that Amazon has, a new messaging application would have enough potential to become a rival to be considered by WhatsApp, and especially in a very difficult enemy to beat for the messaging apps a little more like Telegram or Google Allo.

The impact that it could have would depend mainly on the requirements to be able to use it. If it were a function for Prime users like Prime Video or the photo space in the cloud its impact could be lower, but watch out for Amazon if you decide to make it open for anyone to use.

As we have said Amazon wants to conquer the Internet, and if as we tell you a few days ago has the focus in sectors such as banking, it is quite logical that you also want to get into other digital sectors such as instant messaging.

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