In today’s complex digital world it can seem that only the biggest brands with the largest budgets can get ahead. However, even small tweaks to your website design will improve your results. Here are some easy tweaks that are well worth the time and effort.

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Make Those CTAs Jump Out

Great calls-to-action ensure that your desired outcome actually happens. So make sure your visitors see where they are supposed to carry out an action, whether that’s to sign up for a newsletter or to buy an item online. Use colour, wording and graphic effects to make the most important bit of the page stand out. A simple banner with strong text can work.

Use Bullet Points

Break up text with bullet points to aid readability and to help your readers to scan the content easily. The easier and faster that they can read your text, the more likely they are to make it to the end.

Keep Text Short

Long paragraphs of copy simply don’t work in the digital world. Customers scan your content in just a few seconds and look for the most salient points. So use short sentences and punchy digital copy to get your message across. A digital copywriter is a worthwhile investment.

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Remember to spend time building a blog and your social media presence to share content if you want to get your website out there and in use amongst your target customers. Provide on-topic, valuable content that will improve SEO and be of use to human readers. A London SEO agency can assist you with this. Find out more at:

Invest in Good Imagery

Stock imagery can be terrible, and nothing puts off visitors like cheesy photography! So invest in good images that relate to your brand and your message.

Use White Space

White space around on-page graphics and text will help to provide contrast and calm for the reader, allowing them to better focus on your messages. So keep the page uncluttered to provide focus where you want it.

Make It Responsive and Mobile

Many users will read your website on their mobile phones, so spend time making your site responsive and mobile-optimised.

Continue to Invest in and Develop It

Your website must never become static, so constantly review the analytics to see where improvements are needed, and action them regularly.

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