ASUS has just introduced its new portable Computex ZenBook 3, an exercise in design that they want to show how ultraportable that has to be a high – end model. For now it brings out the color in some important respects to a MacBook, with which they have had no problem to compare directly during the presentation.

The laptop comes with a striking appearance, mainly due to its small and colorful design based on three tones: gold, gray and dark blue. Obviously the most interesting is in millimeters, or at least where more weight is put the boys wanted ASUS: 11.9 millimeters thick by 13.1 spends as exquisite as a MacBook gadget.

ASUS ZenBook 3
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As for weight goes on the same level as Apple’s proposal, staying at 910 grams for the 920 MacBook. To achieve this it is aluminum alloy strip arrival aerospace world, which is also a balance with resistance (40% more than previous notebooks).

As you can see in the pictures, it is also important the team reduced frame: 82% front is screen. We can also be reassured by the strength thereof, ASUS has chosen a panel Gorilla Glass 4 for 12.5 inches.

Intel puts the maximum power

There are different configurations and quite interesting for what it offers prices, and all Intel has the upper hand. We can place up to a Core i7, 1TB memory with format SSD (PCIe 3.0) and 16GB of RAM in LPDDR3 format.

ASUS says its more powerful processor makes be 1.5 times faster than a MacBook, also with respect to the speed SSD (2.36 times faster). It also boasts a new system of minimum ventilation, with only 3 millimeters wide.

For you guys were asking for ports, yes, there is a USB Type-C which also counts as video connector. The port also serves to charge and try masks a Thunderbolt 3. Inform us better about this, but it seems like the Apple product, this is the only connector and has to pull adapters.

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When charging, the team has a rapid charging system that allows up to 60% of the battery in 49 minutes. The battery is 40Wh and gives a life of 9 hours of normal use.

Fingerprint sensor in the trackpad

As in the mobile world, where computers we will bore see a new wave of devices with fingerprint sensors, but this time integrated into the trackpad itself. The idea is to take advantage of Windows authentication proposing Hello.

There are lot of design work to miniaturize such a team from cooling systems, keyboard: ASUS tells us that his new system of keys have a minimum size but still forming a full-sized keyboard with a comfortable ride of 0.8 mm . It is backlit with an ‘attractive’ golden color.

Three configurations ZenBook 3

It is expected that prices are high with such technology and design, but we believe that not much out of the predictable and even some configuration is quite interesting:

  • The top model goes for $1999 and chooses an Intel Core i7 with 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD format
  • For $1499 there is an identical to the previous model, with half of SSD memory.
  • There is an initial step for $999 featuring an Intel Core i5 and 4GB of RAM. The SSD is 256GB

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