Microsoft no longer has for years exclusivity terminals good, nice and cheap input ranges far from average. With the Lumia 650 trying to compete with a mid – range Android that takes a few years to a staggering level and very difficult to beat.

The arguments of the Lumia 650 are not negligible, with the design and AMOLED to the head, but with the uncertainty of the performance of Windows 10 with modest hardware. Check if the Lumia 650 is worth and whether it is a wise choice to opt for Windows 10 in this range we have commissioned in the analysis of the Lumia 650.

The Lumia 650 is released in the catalog of the Microsoft company with a very clear focus: enterprise market. With the proliferation of a range of entry level and average Android, Microsoft seems to have desisted from placing terminals balanced and attractive price (and design) for young consumers believe Windows or on a smartphone.

Lumia 650
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We leave before beginning the analysis of the Lumia 650 with its data sheet…

Physical dimensions 142 x 70.9 x 6.9 mm, 122 grams
Screen AMOLED ClearBlack 5 inches
Resolution 720p (297 dpi)
Processor Snapdragon 212
Memory 16 GB (with microSD slot up to 200 GB)
Software version Windows 10
Connectivity LTE, WiFi n, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC
Cameras Principal 8MP (1/4 inch) (// F2.2 28mm) Flash Video 720p LED
Front 5 MP / F2.2
Battery 2000 mAh (removable)

A touch of metal that “eats” the Lumia price

You will say that went something extremists to discuss the design of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL when analyzed. But just pick up and look at Android terminals in much less price or even Nokia Lumia and check that the finish and design of high-end Lumia models this year are not up to par. You’re more or less terminal defender with Windows; the difference is palpable and considerable.

Interestingly this has greatly amended Lumia 650 this perception with Microsoft Lumia of this generation. Simply the inclusion of a metal frame makes changing the idea behind these smartphone just over 200 dollars. Aluminum frame that is aesthetically interrupted only by two plastic inlays in areas headphone jack and microUSB charging port, whose motive is related to terminal antennas.

Overall and despite miss the colorful old Lumia, this metal frame attached to an incredible weight (122 grams) and a minimum thickness (6.9 mm), leaves us Lumia smartphone this year that best sits on hand. Until you have not grabbed you do not realize how comfortable it is.

The body of Lumia 650 is made of plastic rather discreet matte finish, available inboth black and white. There is no doubt that the target profile of these Lumia public has changed and no flashy colors, young people are no longer so much the first goal of Microsoft.

The back cover is removable, very thin and durable, and removing it can access established Nanosim places to insert the card and microSD, as well as a removable battery interesting is another bonus

As we will see below, this reduced thickness and weight so leaves us alone battery 2000 mAh capacity. I firmly believe that in this range is not justified much sacrifice battery level drain in thickness and weight as much as the end, the experience is saved. But do not skimp on this aspect would have been an argument over sales.

Screen and processor: Looking beyond theory

If by design this Lumia 650 easily meets in the range of input / media, specifications and lowers us to the land to compensate both price and shortage of battery capacity. Screen and processor are the big slaughtered in specifications, but so only in theory. When used, both components, always thinking about the range in which we are playing correctly met, especially the screen.

We start with the screen. Its diagonal is 5 inches, AMOLED type, but where the resolution has to be content in 720p. The pixel density stagnates below 300 dpi, but considers this range easily meets. In addition, the Windows 10 interface that always helps default pixel density does not seem to us so negative.

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The great value of the Lumia 650 screen is your panel, AMOLED type as mentioned above, and that is almost unique within this range. With it enjoyed all the advantages of technology, such as the contrast it is excellent, and color reproduction. The screen also plays quite well in outdoor visibility. Logically in the brightness value clearly we notice that it is not a top – level OLED.

As for the processor, Microsoft greatly reduces its ambitions and opts for a Snapdragon input as 212. The experience with him is just right. You can use the terminal without problems with simple and basic applications, but is clearly seen waiting between processes and high load times if compared to previous versions of Windows Phone terminals similar specifications as well as on an Android equivalent.

When we hurry with a browser with multiple tabs or editing, and leaves us waiting times are a drag to mention a good user experience with this Lumia 650 performance level. And that at least we have one GB of RAM. Obviously you should not think about this smartphone to play in demanding conditions or titles. Beyond casual with simple graphics cannot be run.

A level specification, a section in which Microsoft has spared no internal memory has been. Well by starting 16 GB that we can expand with microSD cards, whose slot is accessed very easily by removing the rear cover.

Camera and Battery: Right without highlighting

Choosing a so unambitious where one processor has consequences not expect. In 2016 without video recording with the main camera 1080? Yes, that’s what happens in this Lumia 650. They are one understands the sacrifices that must be made to reduce the price of a terminal like this one from Microsoft.

The Lumia 650 has a short main camera resolution: 8 MP. For the performance offered under favorable light is more than enough for you must not think overextend the image for detail is lost easily. Image processing, at least with light, is correct, and the overall results. On many occasions we have noticed a clear tendency to underexpose scenes, which gives us an idea that capture light is not its strong point. The sensor size is 1/4, quite small.

This assessment is endorsed when we take shots indoor or night in low light. Hence the sensor Lumia 650 does not give more of itself and offers challenging photos to save on many occasions. In some cases, especially when the light is very weak, neither approach is able to leave us a clear picture.

Something similar happens with the secondary camera, 5 MP and while an important lighting, leaves us photos acceptable in any way without highlighting and collapsing at very high speed when the light begins to dwindle.

And the battery? Input 2000 mAh for this terminal with 5-inch screen seemed scarce, but the combination of AMOLED panel low resolution and nothing powerful processor give the possibility to reach the day of use that at least one wait and get on a terminal main queries using it for mail, messaging, calls and the occasional picture.

If you aspire to spend more time with video, for example, go thinking you’ll need a recharge before you get home at night. 2000 mAh these are consistent with a less intensive use of the terminal, but without forgetting that it is removable, something that has always engaged in the business profile of smartphones.

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