In recent times we have seen many different systems of interaction in our mobile devices, not many have been integrated by the way with our touch screens, but there still seems to fabric cut according teach us from the labs of Microsoft.

Essentially we are talking about a technology that detects the presence of a finger, or more simply to get closer to the screen. Obviously the operating system, on which work is ready to act accordingly, recognizes these new levels of interaction.

Microsoft recognizes finger
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Pre-Touch is something that Microsoft Research has been working for a couple of years, and as is now the business of mobile, it seems that it will deploy quickly on a phone, but considering how powerful the US company in patent, it could well get cut in this way.

Here we get to touch the screen, still present touches and gestures are complemented by Pre-Touch. But the main idea is that the screen’s disclose let’s move contextual menus, without touching it.

Not only detects the approach of fingers flying over on the screen, also has some awareness of how we are holding the phone. With this it gets anticipate what we will do and present information accordingly. It looks pretty clear, but I mean, if you take it with a single hand, knows where the interactive elements represent so you do not have to use the other.

It’s really interesting to see how it works on a web page or complex document elements. Swiping a finger on them, small selection boxes are created helping us to hit with really small items, such as links in the text. It also seems to help in text selections.

McLaren could have released

McLaren is the terminal that was lost in time, which is supposed to be brand new different technologies were not present in other competing phones. Yes, it worked with Windows Phone, and the Live Tiles would react with different interactions.

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We thought that rather than Pre-Touch, what it was to be introduced it was a kind of 3D Touch, which later launched companies like Apple or Huawei. Whatever the case, the terminal was canceled, so we were disappointed to know what lay novelty. What is right is to recognize that Microsoft had already patented in July 2015 the Pre-Touch.

Unfortunately there is not much information on the technology itself, we are left with the recognition of the closeness of our fingers to the screen as a completely contrary to the 3D Touch option, where you have to push to reveal a new level of recognition.

If we look at the market, we can see that there are such things as the Air Command of Samsung, it could be played with drop down menus without touching the screen, only the pointer approaching the Note phone.

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