Do you want to know the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet? There are many apps that let you know how powerful your terminal is based on its hardware features. We propose five of the free benchmarks that most often use.

To measure performance on Android, offering tools available in Google Play is immense. However, five are the most prominent, and all of them can be downloaded for free: Antutu, Geekbench, 3DMark, Quadrant and CPU-Z.

Test your Android
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With any of them you get detailed reports and scores that allow you to get an idea of the potential of your mobile phone or tablet. This is interesting not only out of curiosity, but to compare different models if they have the chance. So, you know what Android device is more powerful and if it’s worth paying more for one or the other, or you can simply compare your model with your friends or family for fun.


We started with one of the most used to test the performance Android: Geekbench. Their tests consist of the actual recreation of common tasks, so that it can provide a good measure of how a device behaves in day to day (and not only under ideal conditions). Thus, it is an excellent test to see how certain apps such work a particular terminal.

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A few years ago, Antutu was one of the most reliable and which is used to resort almost always to know the power of an Android device. However, the latest versions have asked some accuracy, but still very useful rankings that is able to display. In this fashion, you not only see the total score of your Android smartphone or tablet, but you can also compare it with the most powerful models of the market, to give you a rough idea.


Another Android benchmarks veteran, which remains indispensable today – is Quadrant. It specializes in measuring the performance of the processor and the 3D capabilities of the mobile or tablet on which it runs. Although it is paid, there is a free version that simply displays ads, but it works perfectly.

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The specialty of CPU-Z, as is the case with the PC version, is to measure processor performance, but also get information about the device temperature, battery, RAM available and other important information.


Finally, 3DMark running a series of tests consisting of a kind of game. Thus, by virtue of the ease with which the graphics display and carry out certain operations, we may know how to behave with the most demanding games our mobile or tablet.

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