Google just changed the strategy because they are launching officially the first developer version of Android N, and it is, without notice.

According to Google, they are now implementing a series of changes for the upcoming Google I / O 2016, where they want to go with a larger amount of feedback from the community in order to have a more mature version that may work during the workshops. So let’s see everything that includes this first “preview” or “work in progress” Android N. Visit for more reviews like this.

Android N
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Split-screen multitasking

One of the first new features is the native support split screen, something that some companies had already implemented on their own layers of customization, but will now be available for any developer to implement it in their applications. This function is one of the most useful especially in tablets, and also may re-size windows

Direct Response notifications

N launches new Android notification bar, and from it we can answer directly without opening the application, something that will come by default in Hangouts, but applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger and Facebook may take without problems.

Notifications grouped by app

Another new implementation in the notification bar, will be able to access deploy grouped notifications of each app, so it will be easier to locate them and have them available without having to navigate the chaos that sometimes means having hundreds of notifications.

The eternal battle for a better autonomy

Google continues to implement innovations in Doze, your system energy savings, now on Android N seeks to be more efficient and have greater participation, since now have the ability to kill processes that are affecting the autonomy, something that can make even sleep mode.

Yes, Java 8 comes to Android

One of the surprises is the announcement of support for Java 8 Oracle through Jack Compiling for Android, this is certainly very good news for developers because it can adapt existing code on other platforms to carry Android, and so to adapt to avoid rewriting operating.

For whom is it available? (Goodbye Nexus 5)

The first version of Android N Developer Preview is now available for Nexus devices, where one of the news not expected, is that the Nexus 5 is out of this new version of Android.

Note that this version of Android N is focused on developers, so installation is not recommended on any device, since the install will lose all your information.

Another new feature of Android N is that when you install this developer preview, the following may be installed via OTA, so you will not need to download the entire image and reinstall, as was necessary in Marshmallow.

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When do you expect Android N?

Google is changing the window updates to which we had become accustomed, since the final version of Android N will be available during the third quarter, thanks to this new strategy will have at least one beta version each month.

The idea is to have a final robust version, which has the participation of the vast majority of developers and their compatible applications, plus it is made available drafts for manufacturers to have ready their updates in a shortest possible time, since google wants Android N have a good market share by year – end.

Another important point is that later will be launched for the first time Android Beta Program, an initiative that will allow any user, with compatible devices, try Android N without being a developer, where there will be the option to send comments and test functions before that are made public, come on, a program that has worked with companies like Microsoft with its Insiders, or the same Apple that has its program public Betas.

With this, Google wants Android No longer a surprise and is part of all, because with the collaboration of users, manufacturers and developers want it to be the fastest-ramping version in the history of Android. We’ll see if they succeed.

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