Star products Xiaomi phones are, no doubt, but we have already taught many different pots designed by the Chinese company, who wants to have eggs in many different baskets. Especially interesting is the work they do with the devices that surround TV or TVs themselves. Visit for more tips and reviews.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3
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One of them is the Mi Box, a device that acts as a matchmaker between mobile devices and TVs, which also could be described as a kind of Chromecast. At the same time it is a multimedia player type Apple TV, quite capable. It looks good on where we put it, thanks to careful design that puts Xiaomi their clunkers, despite being quite restrained in price.

The story of Xiaomi with such players is almost as long as mobile, and launched in 2012 the first product, we knew as Hezi, and the last thing we received is a minimal version of the gadget, dubbed Mi Box mini. Which we present today is an evolved version of Xiaomi Box 3.

New hardware MediaTek

This “Enhanced Edition” is characterized by improving internal hardware, but also to introduce a controller with motion sensors, the Wii-Mote style. It also has buttons and belt, and also help us move through the interface, it will also serve as a control system for games.


Xiaomi says its CPU is now 80% faster, and graphics tasks are 240% more powerful. This, together with the new video output allows us to play 4K content without problems.

It seems they have not wanted to create a Mi Box 4 and have improved somewhat processor, changing to a MediaTek MT8693 (64 – bit) running at 2GHz. Much of the blame for the improvement has six processor cores (2 x 2GHz Cortex-A72 + 4 x 1.6GHz Cortex-A53) and new graphics, a PowerVR GX6250.

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The chipset is well flanked by 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory, which is double what we already had. It is also good to know that WiFi connectivity now meets the standard 802.11ac, in addition to Bluetooth 4.1.

Like all other household products, Xiaomi choose the operating system Android and personalize it with your MIUI layer, which in turn is transformed to suit the peculiarities of a gadget that will be viewed on a TV.

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