When Palmer Luckey stunned the world with its Oculus Rift Kickstarter already going ahead: to enjoy the experience of virtual reality posed would need a powerful PC. Years passed and the product was puliéndose, but so did the requirements and specifications: only Windows users could enjoy this experience. http://headinformation.com/  click here for more.

In May last year responsible for Oculus put the record straight and let both OS X and Linux in the lurch, and while on Linux the reasons are probably its limited market share, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, made clear why they were not working on the Oculus Rift support on the Mac, ” if you throw a good computer, we will .”

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Graphics cards, the big problem

Luckey’s comment has not done more than confirm something patent for any user: Apple does not sell prepared for the experience they want to provide those responsible for Oculus machines. Even the most powerful machines of this manufacturer are suitable, luckey added: “You can buy a $6000 Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D700 top end, and even then expect will achieve the recommended specifications .”

Luckey not really complain about Macs in general, but of one of the components that Apple has hardly ever heeded: graphics cards . “If prioritize [and include] high – end GPUs as they did for some time in the past, we would love to support the Mac. But right now there is not a single machine that can handle it. Even if we could take it in the software section, not there would be hearing that could run most software on the [current] machines “.

Actually little interest Apple by these components is a constant for years, which is especially noticeable in the field of video games, where the Cupertino company has almost never made serious attempts to enter. They have always left that side to others, and although teams offered graphics dedicated on certain models, often it was cards or very intended workstation or segment versions more oriented laptops that could be integrated into your MacBook and its iMac.

Users of Apple computers have only one option, of course: to install a graphical latest generation (NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher) on your Mac Pro and then also install Windows on those computers with BootCamp and to access the experiences offered by Oculus Rift.

Will Apple bet by virtual reality?

The truth is that today virtually everyone committed to virtual reality (or increased) so patent except Apple. Some believe that will change in 2016, and is one that suggests that what pose Apple will be a rehash of Cardboard and Gear VR for your iPhone.

There is more evidence of this apparent principle of interest from those responsible for the company have appeared job in which it seems that Apple is definitely exploring this area almost in secret, but also a year that also gave an interesting step ago the segment increased to actually acquire the company Metaio, which then joined Faceshift and Emotient.

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It’s funny though also usual that Apple has not made public its intentions in this area and on the other side of some steps in this direction: the putting on sale of Mattel View-Master in the Apple Store. The signing of Doug Bowman, which is reputed to be one of the great experts in this ambit- has been significant, but again now are all unknowns.

Apple always worth waiting for

If something is usual at Apple it is that it is late to market with their solutions .That delay was compensated for years with products often higher than those of competitors – occurred with the iPod and the iPhone, for example – but in recent years we have seen how despite reaching the market later in other segments, such superiority has not been so clear.

It has happened with the Apple Watch although certainly has outsold its competitors – but also with other products and services like Apple Music that despite having been expected for a long time with great expectations have not been as disruptive as some demanded.

Now it remains to see if they actually move tab in the segment of virtual reality as it seems certainly has made interesting moves in this area, but it is also true that the market is still in its infancy and Apple often wait for a more mature stage for your bet in established segments in which it tries to offer their own proposals. will this be the year of virtual reality also in Cupertino? If so, certainly seems that his proposal is much more related to mobile with their teams desktop.

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