If two companies are rivals in the market openly current mobile phone, are Samsung and Apple. They do not bother to hide it, each struggling to steal market share from each other, to get attract customers, and meanwhile released both through advertising and in the courts. However, business is business, and both companies are understood in many areas. Visit http://daypowermedia.com/ for more tech news.

As in his role as client and supplier, for example. Samsung is a large manufacturer, in both quality and volume. Of its factories out memories, processors, displays and other components for the mobile telephony market. Apple itself uses for most of them and A9 processors are manufactured between Samsung and TSMC. Now they could reach the screens.

Samsung screens
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Samsung already sells its curved screens to other manufacturers

We commented a few days ago that Samsung is interested in bringing their curved panels to another level, seeking to turn them into a new standard in the market. Koreans have long been sending their Super AMOLED apart from its competition but the intention now is to do with his current crown jewel, the curved panels Edge models.

We already have the first of these smartphones in the street, as they say. The Xplay 5 Live and carries a double curve screen with 5.5 inches, shared with the Galaxy S7 Edge. In addition, more manufacturers may come their way. Apple, according to recent rumors, could be one of them within a period that varies according to the source. It could be in a year, it could be three.

OLED flat panels first, then curved

Responsible for spreading this rumor has been the Nikkei newspaper. In it, we talk about Apple’s intention to incorporate OLED panels to their future iPhone. No model is specified but since the iPhone 7 should, on the cycle presented by the manufacturer, have a new design, could be the first to incorporate this technology into their screens.

Manufacturing is divided between the Samsung and LG, current producers of OLED panels, but Apple’s plans would also incorporate Samsung giant curved screens here a couple of years or three. There, thanks to its patented and mass -produced model, Samsung could keep 100% of the production of screens for the iPhone.

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All Apple mobile device with a Samsung screen

Today is Japan Display commissioned to provide Apple LCD panels for your iPhone while Samsung handles, screens also LCD, the iPad. Samsung elected to fill OLED mobile devices, we would be talking about Samsung fabricate screens all mobile terminals of Cupertino.

Since the rumor about the switching and display technology only affects iPhone, we do not know whether OLEDs also come to iPads and Macbooks, a line for now, and unless someone claims otherwise, will carry only LCD technology. However, being one technology or another, Samsung could produce 100% of the screens of iPhones and iPads in the not too distant future.

Therefore, Samsung would not be too worried about being out of manufacturing Apple A10, processor iPhone 7 and losing to TSMC. With a fourth place in the manufacture of mobile processors with its Exynos, and possible plans to produce more 100 million annually screens for Apple, Samsung shareholders should be very quiet.

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