In the world of portable hard drives there all, they must aim to be as light as possible, usually with 2.5-inch drives, there are also variants more oriented to place on the table, with sizes larger disk. Toddlers do not have too much trouble to feed the USB, the second – also called external – often have their own source.

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Seagate has thought that with the technology we have at hand is best to mount a good album that will reach the data and power through a connector USB 3.1, reversible. When I say ‘good’, I mean 8TB on the table, joined our team with a single cable. The device name is Seagate Innov8.

Seagate sells it as the first record of these features, but if we look a little stage we see things like Verbatim Insight already offered the same in 2009, but of course, the amounts of storage and speed that we now do to give you a new award the American company, and we dedicate a space to this model.

In combination with the USB 3.1 technology, ignition boost eliminates the need for a power adapter in a desktop hard drive 8tb

With the Innov8 technology opens Ignition Boost Technology Seagate, which is precisely the name that you have the ability to ‘not having to connect’ to the power supply. And the advantages you can imagine, go with 8TB in tow can be very useful for many professionals.

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Obviously you have to use relatively new cables and connectors, Type-C USB 3.1 specification. Many mobile devices and computers and are jumping on this wave, among which the new MacBook or Google Pixel.

Apart from the connection and capacity, we can see that the design is also very careful – it is the work of Huge-Design and has taken a Reddot Award – I made ​​with an aluminum body that gives an elegant touch, and can you help with cooling. It also draws attention blue LED used.

Who is curious for its size and weight, let us say that the 1.5 kilos, and comprehensive measures are: 208×123, 6×36 millimeters. Not bad for Innov8 capabilities.

When and how much? April, US $ 349… We will keep you informed about its expansion in new territories.

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