Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences in the world, whether for business or pleasure, leaving the city for a few days makes us know other customs, trying new food and generally break a little with that daily routine. But to reach this many times we need to fly from one place to another, something that is complicated if the flight is far – reaching and we face a different time zone to our city, this will cause the dreaded jet lag becomes present. Visit for more tech reviews.

Forget the jet lag
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The jet lag is considered a psychological condition that occurs when traveling through different time zones, as the circadian rhythm of our body is interrupted, so that there is a biological confusion between the need to rest and what our senses perceive. For years it has tried to mitigate this condition through sprays and drinks, but the reality is somewhat complicated; but now it seems we finally have a solution thanks to the new Airbus aircraft.

Airbus A350 XWB cabin and Airspace

The plane A35O XWB (Extra Wide Body) is a new redesign of the famous aircraft announced in 2004, but with the passage of time was the target of several critical because the final product had some changes to the prototype announced, this led to Airbus to make several redesigns and adjustments on the fly, which gave rise to a lot of variants of A350.

For 2011, it released a version that would take the name XWB, which integrate new technology elements in the cabin, plus they have a focus on passenger comfort. In 2015, they kicked off with the first tests of this aircraft in Qatar Airlines, but were limited only to flights of fancy.

Finally, a few days ago, Airbus began with the delivery of several of these aircraft to various airlines, with Singapore Airlines the first to release this version, which not only gives a variant design, but incorporates what the company has called Airspace a advanced system based on four key: comfort, ambience, service and design.

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Airspace incorporates a “smart” system LED lights connected at all times to the length of the flight, when the city of departure and arrival, with this you can change the color temperature and imitate the natural changes of light sun, which together with a humidification system and adjustments in temperature on board, make biological changes and the confusion caused by jet lag in the body disappear.

The first people who have experienced this system have shown a significant reduction of the effects caused by jet lag, because the system is able to produce up to 16.7 million combinations, simulating all natural phases of the day, something they achieved with the help of researchers and scientists innovation department of the company.

This year is expected that this system is built into almost 770 aircraft from various airlines around the world and for all classes, something that will certainly help in the productivity of enterprises, but also serve passengers can enjoy their trips from the time you step off the plane.

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